3 Reasons Why I'm Excited for Workhuman Live 2021

May 17, 2021 James Hamar

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Workhuman Live 2021

I don’t need to remind everyone what the past year has been like, so if you are like me, you are ready to move forward in a positive way. With storytellers like Adam Grant, Fast Company Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Meta, and Nataly Kogan, this week’s Workhuman® Live events will offer actionable ways to lift yourself, your team, and your organizations out of 2020 and into better days ahead.

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Here are the top three reasons I’m looking forward to Workhuman Live, and you should too:

1. Data & Storytelling

I had the opportunity to chat with some of the speakers early in the event planning process, and what consistently emerged was a concept that Ernest Marshall, CHRO from Eaton eloquently describes as: “You have to show the data, but you have to expose the data.”

It got me thinking about our obsession with data as a business community. I am no HR expert, so I translate this to what I know: marketing. I can show you 10,000 site visits, 500 leads captured, or 50 seconds time on site. What doesn’t emerge is why those outcomes happen, or if that is even valuable to my goals.

Think about your role. What metrics do you own? How can you reframe your thinking, not only in how you capture data through technology and processes, but in how you tell stories about it to demonstrate impact? Could you capture more of the big picture?

"How can you reframe your thinking, not only in how you capture data through technology and processes, but in how you tell stories about it to demonstrate impact?"

Speakers such as Stacia Garr, Jen Fisher, and Anh Phillips will offer modeling and frameworks helpful to anyone looking for inspiration to think differently and apply that thinking to how we work.

2. Diverse Thinking

One reason I love helping plan an event like Workhuman Live is witnessing the way different people come to similar conclusions, yet take varied paths to get there. For example, Torin Ellis, a notable diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging advocate, asks two questions: “Who are you?” and “How do you want to be counted?” While organizations have come a long way in this space, changing times force us to ask new questions. 

The event will also explore diverse thinking when it comes to performance management. Tamra Chandler, principal at Ernst & Young LLP, will talk through research she facilitated, ultimately discovering the traditional system is broken. Joe Hirsch, managing director at Semaca Partners, will dig in at the team level to talk through how to make performance evaluations and feedback within teams easier. 

3. Human Connection

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our CEO Eric Mosley’s keynote. What stands out to me is his concept of rebuilding relationship capital. Organizations and their people have flexed, adapted, and put everything they have into their work this past year, and refilling that well of connection, shared purpose, and meaning should be a focus going forward.

It’s no surprise that technology also plays a role. While many Workhuman Live speakers talk about ways to foster behaviors for human connection, Tsedal Neely will speak in detail about how that behavior manifests in our use of technology at work. How should technology be leveraged for intimacy? Immediacy? How should technology be evaluated if it has new problems to solve for? How technology is incorporated as organizations seek to refill their well of connection will be vital for long-term success.

I’m excited to see the stories, tools, and methods shared at Workhuman Live come to life. We’re grateful to share that with you tomorrow.

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