Women and the Human Workplace: Where Do We Go from Here?

April 1, 2021 Sarah Bloznalis

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”  

- Late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

Throughout Women’s History Month in March, organizations share stories of prominent women in history and their various accomplishments, along with strategies and tips to mitigate workplace inequality. While celebrating the past is important, we must also listen to, learn from, and celebrate the strong women making history in the world today. 

During a special episode of Workhuman®’s LinkedIn Live series, #RecognizeThis, Dr. Patti FletcherWorkhuman’s VP of brand marketing, sat down with Yuri Brown-Cruzat, Anuradha Hebbar, J.D., and Virginia "Ginny" Clarke to discuss the challenges and victories they have faced in the workplace, as well as the best way to pave a path forward for working women.  

Here are some of the most compelling quotes from the lively conversation: 

Patti: “We used to just call it diversity. Then it was diversity and inclusion. Then we moved to diversity, equity, and inclusion. But ultimately, it's all about belonging. So much so that no matter who we are individually, we can look in the mirror and say, ‘I belong here.’” 

Yuri: “Sometimes we go so hard for so long that we forget to pause. It’s about saying, you know what? ‘I'm worthy enough to rest. I'm worthy enough to take care of myself.’ And I know that might sound simple, but simple modalities of gaining your peace every day help you build your worthiness, and they create a space for you to declare what you will not do any longer, what you will not tolerate any longer. And it can start early.” 

Anuradha: “We're not holding people accountable, not at the top or throughout the organization … With any other business initiative, you would do that. This is no different because it's every person's responsibility in an organization to drive inclusiveness.” 

Ginny: “Over time, if we use our voices and our strength and our sense of empowerment, then these organizations are going to have to change. Now, by the same token, I might not wait around for you to change. I'm going to do what I need and if you can give me that, then great, I'll stay. Otherwise, I'll go someplace where I am valued.” 

To hear more tangible insights from these women, watch the full episode above. And most importantly, remember, you are worthy.  

#RecognizeThis will be highlighting human stories like this, backed by real data, every other week in 2021. Join us on LinkedIn Live to experience it firsthand.   

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Sarah Bloznalis

Sarah Bloznalis is a content marketing coordinator at Workhuman from Upton, Mass. Besides writing about humanity in the workplace, she enjoys reading, the beach, and going on hikes with her dog.

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