#RecognizeThis: Balance Is Out – How Working Parents Can Thrive in the New Normal on LinkedIn Live

January 27, 2021


In this week’s episode of #RecognizeThis, Workhuman® recruiter Lauren Van Duyn joined Dr. Patti Fletcher, VP of brand marketing, to discuss Lauren’s experience as a new mom during the pandemic – and how working parents can thrive in the new normal.

For all parents – and for women especially – this year has tested the limits of work-life balance. In fact, McKinsey recently released a report that claims more than two million women are considering leaving the workforce due to pandemic-related issues, potentially erasing six years of gender-equity progress.

“Women are being forced to make a choice,” Patti contends. “A choice between being a mom and being someone who works.” Luckily, both Patti and Lauren don’t have to make that choice because Workhuman supports the whole human.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Best practices for new parents.
  • Ways to maintain work-life harmony while working remotely.
  • How organizations can support working parents during this challenging time.
  • The impact recognition can have on engaging working parents.

Watch the full episode above for more insights into what employees, leaders, and organizations can do to support working parents – both now and after the pandemic.

#RecognizeThis will be highlighting human stories like this, backed by real data, every other week in the new year. Join us on LinkedIn Live to experience it firsthand.  


#RecognizeThis: Making Work More Human in 2021 and Beyond on LinkedIn Live

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