Wesley Connor

Wesley is Senior Director, Organizational Development and Talent Management at Randstad Canada and has been an influential contributor to the design and execution of its world-class talent management strategy.

  • What are you promoting?

    What are you promoting?

    You can post your vision on every workplace wall and espouse your corporate values with great bravado, but your employees will look to who and what gets promoted to know what really matters most.

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  • Proud at work

    Proud at work

    Many organizations have a culture of terminal niceness, where issues of race, sexuality, privilege, and gender are not discussed for fear of offending. And yet, silence is the definition of privilege.

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  • Does Your Corporate Language Support a Human Workplace?

    Does Your Corporate Language Support a Human Workplace?

    The words we choose to use in any corporate culture will teach employees what is truly valued, what really matters most, and what is and isn’t tolerated.

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