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Moodtracker Pioneered by

May 2022

See how our latest updates to Moodtracker®, everyone’s favorite free employee survey tool, turn a good opportunity into a great experience.

February 2022

Check out the new in-store Wish List feature, see how New User guides help onboard all employees, and get the latest Employee Appreciation Day updates.

November 2021

Experience new in-app guides within your social recognition program, along with the most recent enhancements to the Workhuman® store.

October 2021

Dive into the latest integration with Microsoft Teams, along with Reporting Privileges UI improvements.

August 2021

Check out the latest Moodtracker survey, plus enhanced search capabilities to the Workhuman® store.

July 2021

Discover the new Newsfeed API and Slack Enterprise Grid, as well as dark mode for mobile and new reporting UI enhancements.

June 2021

Learn about the latest updates to the Celebrations® and Conversations® dashboards. Plus, enhancements to the Workhuman® mobile store.

May 2021

Explore new user improvements for Conversations® in the mobile app and see how to participate in our early access program for our new Slack integration.

April 2021

Check out the new and improved Workhuman® app experience with updates to dark mode, Conversations® and more. Plus, get early access to our Slack integrations.

March 2021

Dive into the next generation of role-based reporting available now to all clients.

February 2021

Discover the most recent enhancements to the Workhuman® store now available on your mobile device. Plus, updates to Conversations® and more.

January 2021

Explore the latest updates to the My Orders section of the Workhuman® store, plus, Conversations® dashboard updates.