Chris DeMeo

Chris DeMeo

Vice President of Customer Acquisition, Retention, & Advocacy

Recognition is the most direct and powerful way to unlock the full potential of humanity in the workplace. Its ability to positively fuel engagement, connectedness, and performance is unlimited.

Chris DeMeo is the vice president of customer acquisition, retention, & advocacy at Workhuman. Chris is no stranger to the Massachusetts business leadership community and his entrepreneurial mindset, deep ability to connect people and strategies, and passion for serial problem solving has resulted in a track record of success launching and growing brands.

Prior to Workhuman, Chris was the vice president of global sales and marketing at Staples. He has extensive experience and proven success owning national sales initiatives and scaling brands across various corporate functions including marketing, merchandising, e-commerce, supply chain, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and sales strategy and operations.

Chris is incredibly passionate about helping organizations realize the full potential of their humans and believes that through recognition, connection, and celebration, anyone can thrive.