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It’s easier than ever to build a culture of recognition and feedback where great work is happening. With Workhuman Integrations, you can nominate colleagues, create check-ins, and send feedback without ever leaving the apps where you work. Be where great work is happening and recognize it in the same place.

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Streamline onboarding new employees into your recognition program and give them access to all Workhuman tools right from Workday. Workhuman is a Workday Cloud Connect Certified integration, making it easier than ever to build a culture of appreciation.

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Social Recognition Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams

Giving and receiving recognition should be seamless. In Microsoft Teams, you can give recognition with the click of a button—without ever leaving the app. Employees receive the recognition in real-time within Teams, too.

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Outlook Give Recognition

Microsoft Outlook

Recognize, create check-ins, and record feedback in Outlook without missing a beat in your workflow. Save an email as feedback or send a nomination with the click of a button.


Foster a culture of recognition where conversation happens. Get award notifications, create a check-in, or send feedback within the Slack app so you don’t miss a thing.

Recognizing a Colleague


Share employee and team award nominations where colleagues connect by posting recognition moments to your Yammer feed. Post updates and awards all in the same place.

A glimpse into the near future.

In the ever-changing landscape of tools and technology, there are always new ways to boost your productivity. At Workhuman, we aim to be where you are now and in the future. Here’s what is on the horizon for Integrations:

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Open API

Integrations enable Workhuman to be wherever you are, integrating with your critical workplace applications like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Slack, Workday, and more. With our open API, Workhuman can fit seamlessly into your workflow and enable real-time recognition.

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Get more out of your everyday tools

Maximize your investment

Amplify the impact of your recognition program

Improve communication and efficiency across the board

Capture moments of gratitude, feedback, and collaboration in the moment

Transmit program data securely and reliably

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