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Technology & Product

Create the products that make work more human for millions of people across the world – and do it for an award-winning, unicorn company that’s been helping leading global brands bring more humanity to the workplace for 20-plus years.


Hear what our technology & product team has to say about life at Workhuman®.

Our ongoing focus on improvement keeps me motivated. With this kind of mindset, you are always doing something different and looking at challenges through a new lens.

Camila Mattos
Front End Engineer

We pay particular attention to creating a great user experience, build on AWS and choose technologies that are right for the job at hand.

Ronan O’Dulaing
VP of Engineering

Workhuman is 22 years old, but we still operate in some ways like a start-up. It is a fast-paced environment where innovation is valued.

Michelle McDaid
Director of Engineering

Dublin-based. Globally aligned.

We maintain a global perspective at Workhuman, but we were founded in Dublin back in 1999 and this is where our tech team design, build, and deploy our product capabilities. Here we’re rooted in innovation, paying special attention to creating a great user experience for the millions of humans across 170 countries that use our platform.

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Our engineering team works cross-functionally to design and build products our customers love. They strive for better, taking full advantage of the breadth of technologies AWS offers to build world-class product capabilities.

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Our architecture team leads our company as we scale, and maximizes the value we get from our technologies to offer ground-breaking new services and stellar experiences for our users. The team synthesizes business strategy, outcomes, capabilities, and processes to allow us to continue on our exciting company trajectory upward.

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IT Infrastructure

This team delivers innovative and scalable solutions to maintain and elevate our cloud and corporate IT infrastructures by providing top-level support and service – and by staying at the forefront of security best practices and new technological advancements.

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Product Design

Our product design team takes a human-centered approach to create world-class product experiences for our users. Our Human UX Framework is firmly rooted in the design-thinking methodology, which is leveraged to more deeply understand user behavior and motivations, and to deliver experiences that satisfy both the individual user and the business needs.

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Product Strategy

Led from the U.S. and working closely with our clients and product strategy team members based in Ireland, this team shapes the strategy and thought leadership of making work more human. They are the creative force behind our products’ user experience and they partner with development to bring that vision to reality.

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Join a purpose-driven business changing the world of work.

This is a company where you can

Have an impact: You’ll be working on products that benefit the lives of and make work more human for more than 5 million users around the world. 

Innovate: Innovation is a core value at Workhuman – we build it into our everyday thinking, make space every sprint for engineering-led focus Fridays, and collaborate company-wide in Hackathon-style events to continuously enhance our platform and user experience. 

Experiment: We’re continuously trying out ways to improve. When it comes to doing things better, employees of every career level are encouraged to have a voice.

Influence: Our technology center in Dublin brings together teams who make all our technical and design decisions. You’ll be at the heart of the action here, surrounded by a world-class team to learn and grow with.

Be yourself: We practice what we preach. Great work is recognized, and humans are at the center of how we operate. We want you to be inspired to do your best work – and to live your best life.  

Sparkle at Workhuman:
SPARKLE stands for Supporting Pride, Awareness, Recognition & Knowledge: LGBTQIA + Employees and Allies. This group aims to support and an inclusive and open working environment for everyone by increasing awareness, understanding, and action.

Empowering parents to bring their authentic selves to work with resources and opportunities that support both their life and career journeys. This community often shares challenges and uses story-telling to build an excellent sense of connection amongst its members.

Live Green:
Advancing and modeling sustainable practices to protect our world.

Fostering a workplace and world that recognizes the immense value of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Women & Allies at Workhuman:
This group aims to achieve a gender balanced world through actions, advocacy, transformational thought leadership and celebration of women globally.

Want to know more? See what kind of social impact Workhuman is having in our communities and world.

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