Taking care of our humans.

HX: Human Experience

We recognize that our people are the beating heart of our culture which is why this team provides so much more than just human resources. Our HX team focuses on optimizing the entire employee experience to ensure that our humans feel valued, recognized, and celebrated.


Hear what our HX team has to say about life at Workhuman®.

Inspiring people to DREAM more, LEARN more and BECOME more is embedded in my DNA, and I encourage this growth mindset through my roles as a Trainer, Facilitator, and Performance Coach. To work with a company where ‘making work more human’ is at the forefront of our product and mission is incredibly rewarding, not only because this aligns with my personal values but because I am immensely proud of the humans in Workhuman for influencing organizations worldwide on the importance of humanity in the workplace.

Donna Louise Fitzpatrick
Global Talent Development Manager

Being able to make our employees’ days more impactful and less stressful is what makes our jobs on the Workplace Experience team the BEST jobs in the organization. Every initiative is centered around making work less corporate by adding the touches of ‘human’ we all need to feel our work matters. We strive for a workforce that not only understands and appreciates our mission, but is also proud and motivated by it.

Laury D'Oliveira
Senior Manager, Workplace Experience

My time in Workhuman so far has been amazing. Every day we challenge the norm and look for new and improved ways of attracting the best humans to come and work here. I feel I have grown personally and professionally since joining Workhuman

Stephen Cronin
Sr. Recruiter

Humans come first here.

We strive to practice what we preach at Workhuman, and we know a human-centered workplace is elevated with dedicated HX professionals who take a wholistic approach to the employee experience, and maintain a culture that nurtures its people.

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Talent Acquisition and Talent Brand

Our talent acquisition and talent brand team make it their mission to bring the right humans on board, facilitating our growth with people aligned with our vision of bringing more humanity to work.

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People and Places

This team manages the structures, facilities, and technological capabilities of our workforce. They empower us to do our best work by giving us the tools we need, and the employee experience we deserve – wherever we are in the world.

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Talent Development

This team supports our growth by creating learning and development programs that reflect our culture and reinforce our values. They drive our broader talent strategy, defining the priorities in partnership with the business and designing and delivering programs that support our business objectives.

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Human Experience Communications

Serving as liaison between our HX department, senior leadership, and the company at large, our HX communications team maintain close ties to ensure internal comms are tied to our overall vision for growth.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance

This team elevates Workhuman’s social impact by supporting communities, DE&I, healthcare, and the environment with the knowledge that when people feel valued, respected, and seen, that their sense of self-worth, mental health, and social well-being have limitless potential.

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Join a purpose-driven business changing the world of work.

This is a company where you can

Humans empowering humans: Our HX team facilitates a more human workplace for our team, who in turn do the same for 5 million users across 170 countries on our platform.

Investing in you: We value our humans which is why we invest in their professional development. From online coursework to global conference attendance or professional accreditation, expect to grow here.

Recognized by others: Our HX team is extremely proud that our culture is frequently recognized for being a Great Place to Work. See more about that here.

Work-life harmony: We pride ourselves in offering a supportive and flexible environment so you can balance everything life throws your way.

Super users: We understand the value our products bring our customers because we experience it firsthand. It’s the norm here to use our own platform to express gratitude and celebrate important life events with one another.

Sparkle at Workhuman:
SPARKLE stands for Supporting Pride, Awareness, Recognition & Knowledge: LGBTQIA + Employees and Allies. This group aims to support and an inclusive and open working environment for everyone by increasing awareness, understanding, and action.

Empowering parents to bring their authentic selves to work with resources and opportunities that support both their life and career journeys. This community often shares challenges and uses story-telling to build an excellent sense of connection amongst its members.

Live Green:
Advancing and modeling sustainable practices to protect our world.

Fostering a workplace and world that recognizes the immense value of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Women & Allies at Workhuman:
This group aims to achieve a gender balanced world through actions, advocacy, transformational thought leadership and celebration of women globally.

Want to know more? See what kind of social impact Workhuman is having in our communities and world.

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