Creating an immersive & dynamic shopping experience.


Create an engaging and inspiring shopping experience for our ground-breaking Social Recognition® program in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and high-growth environment.


Hear what our e-commerce team has to say about life at Workhuman®.

I am so proud of the incredible team we are building in e-Commerce. We are a team of analytical problem solvers, creative thinkers, killer negotiators, unparalleled relationship builders, and cross-functional influencers. The opportunities on our team are endless as we create a phenomenal user experience while driving meaningful impact to our clients and our company goals. And we have a lot of fun doing it!

Sarah Whitman
Senior Vice President & Global Head of e-Commerce

My past year with the e-Commerce team has been one of the best in my career. This is a truly special group; we are challenged to innovate and solve tough business problems, empowered to own and drive our work with autonomy and trust, and we support one another through all things at work and beyond. I am proud to say that this environment challenges, motivates, and enables me to do the best work of my life.

Anthony Craven
Senior Manager, International Sourcing

e-Commerce at Workhuman is unique in that we aim to make every touchpoint with our site personal and memorable for our users. Our store is anything but transactional; we are taking our collective expertise and knowledge of what best-in-class e-commerce looks like and innovating to elevate the experience so that it feels as special as it felt to receive the recognition.

Jenna DeLuca
Director of Category Management

Global platform, local rewards.

At Workhuman, we are relentless in our pursuit to provide an unparalleled global e-Commerce offering and individualized customer experience. Cross-functional interaction, strong project management skills, and problem solving for customers and clients are fundamental to our e-Commerce team’s success.

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Global Category Management

Our category management team develops our assortment strategy to optimize and expand our offering across 170+ countries across the globe. Through multi-tiered country and category plans, this group sources and manages our suppliers and optimizes our catalog to promote rapid growth, scalability, and the delivery of an outstanding user experience all over the world.

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Store Experience

Delivering an immersive, dynamic experience on a global scale requires incredible innovation, creativity, and analytical sophistication. This team owns and drives the vision for our store and how we expand our features, functionality, and curation to deliver an inspiring user experience. From promotions and creative to multi-channel user engagement strategies, the store experience team brings our offering to life to enhance the user journey.

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Client Engagement

Our clients and their employees are at the heart of everything we do at Workhuman. Our client engagement team develops the connection between our client needs and our e-Commerce strategy and roadmap, and evangelizes and markets our e-Commerce vision to enable the growth and scale of our client base.

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So much more than just a paycheck.

Global reach: Our e-commerce team is committed to delivering a personalized store experience to more than five million users in 170-plus countries around the world.

Top-notch customers: Curate the rewards redemption experience for employees of some of the most well-known brands in the world, including Dell, Intuit, Eaton, Cisco, P&G, LinkedIn, Bristol Meyers Squibb, and more.

Diverse & inclusive vendor portfolio: Workhuman continues to make intentional efforts to invest in bringing on more minority and women owned businesses as a part of our vendor platform.

Work-life harmony: We pride ourselves in offering a supportive and flexible environment so you can balance everything life throws your way.

Sparkle at Workhuman:
SPARKLE stands for Supporting Pride, Awareness, Recognition & Knowledge: LGBTQIA + Employees and Allies. This group aims to support and an inclusive and open working environment for everyone by increasing awareness, understanding, and action.

Empowering parents to bring their authentic selves to work with resources and opportunities that support both their life and career journeys. This community often shares challenges and uses story-telling to build an excellent sense of connection amongst its members.

Live Green:
Advancing and modeling sustainable practices to protect our world.

Fostering a workplace and world that recognizes the immense value of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Women & Allies at Workhuman:
This group aims to achieve a gender balanced world through actions, advocacy, transformational thought leadership and celebration of women globally.

Want to know more? See what kind of social impact Workhuman is having in our communities and world.

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