Working Human Is Even Easier with Workhuman Integrations

May 17, 2022

At Workhuman®, we are always looking for ways to infuse gratitude into the workplace. This goal has taken on more urgency in a hybrid working world. We see it as our responsibility to help you meet your employees with recognition no matter where or how they might be working. It is one of the most effective ways for employees to connect with one another, and that connection is what will define your culture.

Practically, we do that by integrating our rewards platform with the tools and services you use every day – programs like Slack, Outlook, Workday, Teams, and Yammer. With recognition at each of these points, we can help inject the human connection into common workflows used daily, even hourly. Giving recognition at the moment a behavior occurs adds greater emphasis on the behavior itself, and a more poignant connection between humans. The same can be said for continuous feedback.

Here’s what to expect in the months ahead for Workhuman integrations:

  • Microsoft Outlook: With so much communication happening via email, the Outlook integration allows you to take control of this communication hub to give recognition, record meetings as check-ins, and mark an email as feedback that feeds into the Conversations® tool all in one place. 
  • Slack: With Social Recognition® integrated into the widely used messaging app, employees can nominate colleagues via direct messages and group chats. In-app notifications create a moment of delight for the recipient amidst work messages. Conversations will also integrate with Slack to make check-ins and feedback easy to communicate and schedule. 
  • Microsoft Teams: Like with Slack, recognition can be given direct from Teams chats. With the click of a button, employees are launched into the program to share gratitude with colleagues. Again, this integration helps create moments of surprise and delight as awards brighten an otherwise work-only related channel.
  • Yammer: One of the most powerful ways to infuse gratitude and recognition into the daily workflow is to amplify those moments. With the Yammer integration, recognition is broadcast across the company to help create a chain reaction of gratitude.
  • Workday: With the Workhuman integration, organizations can securely send and receive data in Workday. Organizations are provided with employee demographic information to configure Workhuman Cloud® solutions and award data that feeds into Compensation, Payroll, and Talent solutions in Workday. This data also streamlines onboarding new employees and gives them access to all Workhuman tools right from Workday.

We are thrilled about the expansion of these integrations so that moments of gratitude and recognition continue to find opportunities to flourish throughout the employee experience.

About the Author

John Trigg

A product management professional for more than 25 years, John is now a member of Workhuman’s product team focused on integrations.

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