Workhuman Customer Stories: Procter & Gamble and DENSO on the Power of Connection

May 13, 2020 Jess Huckins

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People who are still working have had to pivot, and it’s up to leaders to provide the connection they need to remain focused, to collaborate, and to do world-changing work for organizations. That’s why so many Workhuman® customers are doubling down on programs that give their employees a place to bond and maintain friendships. 

During yesterday’s first-ever Workhuman® Lives, representatives from two of our customers spoke with CEO Eric Mosley about the ways in which Workhuman® Cloud is providing a cure for isolation. “We don’t want to lose the momentum that we’ve gained. Appreciation is a contagious thing – it’s engrained in our culture, and it’s something that’s really powerful for us,” said Kevin Dalton, associate director of human resources at Procter & Gamble (P&G), a long-time Workhuman customer. When you take people out of the office, they lose a lot of the social interaction they’re used to. Leaders need to make sure people still feel safe, connected, and appreciated as we all adapt to new ways of living and working. 

P&G has kept its operations strong while implementing safety protocols, such as temperature testing, extensive sanitation, physical distancing, and enabling everyone who can to work from home. “People wanted that Charmin toilet paper, so we knew we had to make it,” Kevin said. 

“It’s amazing when you’re dealt something like this, the amount of innovation that actually comes out of that in terms of solutions,” he continued. “P&G has always been such a great company. Employees, consumers, and communities – those are the three pillars of what we do.”

To support the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, P&G has made cash donations to healthcare organizations and first responders, and shifted to manufacturing masks and face shields to donate to workers on the front lines. “This is a new concept we came up with to really energize and do something different,” Kevin said. “How can we as P&G employees step up and be a force for good in the world?” 

They also use recognition as a strategic pillar through the Power of You program, P&G’s internal, on-the-spot, global recognition program. To illustrate its impact, Kevin shared stories from three of his favorite recognition moment scenarios. The first is when his employees are recognized, because they’re “the ones who lift the heavy loads. … It’s not my recognition, but that’s what I get the most value out of.”

The second is when his colleagues share customer stories. “That’s really, really impactful, when you can read the words from a consumer that let you know how impactful something as simple as a cleaning product, or toilet paper, or napkins, or detergent is,” he said. “To hear it directly in a consumer’s own words is really powerful.”

The third involves an interesting back-and forth with a person at one of P&G’s plants that Kevin thought was “pretty cool” and unexpected. 

“Recognition has been a key pillar of our strategy,” Kevin explained. “It’s a big idea, it’s a big concept, and I think we’ve done a great job of recognizing people and making them feel valued, which is ultimately what we’re looking to do.” 

Later in the program, Eric spoke with Sarah Fox, Senior HR Generalist at DENSO, a global automotive parts manufacturer and another Workhuman customer. DENSO uses Life Events®, a program that helps people celebrate those moments that happen outside of work, like new babies, getting married, running a marathon, or buying a new home. These human moments that matter, while not work-related, are nevertheless celebrated with colleagues. Life Events catalogs and amplifies them, in turn building and deepening connections between employees. 

DENSO’s workforce is currently remote, like most of us. Sarah said the organization is using Life Events to celebrate moments and make people feel connected: “Thinking of those moments and how important they are for the individual and for their work story – that was what motivated us to move forward with this quickly.”

Productivity, efficiency, and communication are important goals, of course, but Sarah explained that her team is also deeply concerned about the employee experience of the humans who count on them. “In my mind, an associate is going to be most effective when they still feel connected to the mission, the values, and their co-workers that they are used to seeing every day, but they can’t any longer,” she said. Sarah believes that by supporting the whole person, each employee will return value to the company with stronger, more purposeful efforts.

“Our manufacturing sites have been using Life Events way more than I expected, and I think because that type of celebration in the plant just didn’t happen,” she explained. “What excites me the most long-term for the manufacturing industry overall is that we’re trying to shift from being very task-focused to thinking about how we can support our employees as individuals. How can we help people bring their best selves to work? How can we really consider all their needs as a person? That’s what these types of programs really support.”

At the end of March, Workhuman CHRO Steve Pemberton announced that we’re offering special editions of Social Recognition®, Life Events, and Conversations® for free until March 2021 to companies looking to build and strengthen connections among their teams.

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