Team Awards: The Perfect Gift for Your Team

November 19, 2020 Aaron Kinne

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There’s a recurring theme we’ve been hearing from our customers during this year of unimaginable adversity. To paraphrase: “Our employees have really stepped up to meet the unanticipated and unprecedented challenges they’ve faced in 2020. And we want to recognize and celebrate their extraordinary efforts.” With many holiday parties, team events, and end-of-the-year celebrations “on pause,” how can we carry these on in a meaningful and safe way?

This year, more than ever, our customers are turning to Team Awards to express their sincere thanks and gratitude for the humans making amazing things happen.

What is a Team Award?

Quite simply, a Team Award is a group recognition award given to all employees – or a large sub-group of employees – by a leader in your organization. It could be the CEO, CHRO – any senior executive you choose – and it’s delivered with a customized, personalized message from your recognition platform. No extra software or tools are needed in order to say “thank you” to deserving recipients and it comes with all the benefits of simplicity, security, and measurability.

Best of all, your employees can redeem their award right away for something meaningful and special, so the positive feelings can be celebrated in the moment.

What are some of the key benefits of Team Awards?

Team Awards keep your employees feeling appreciated and highlight the importance of shared accomplishments across your organization. In addition, they:

  • Boost morale and keep your employees engaged
  • Strengthen connections and build a stronger community
  • Create meaningful moments that empower your humans to succeed
  • Acknowledge employees for their continued commitment to your mission and purpose
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Build trust and confidence in times of constant change

How are companies using Team Awards?

While Team Awards have always been available to our customers, we’ve seen a dramatic uptick this year. They report that Team Awards have had a particularly transformative and regenerative impact during the pandemic crisis. Some of the ways companies are showing team appreciation during these times include:

  • A CEO sent appreciation awards to all employees, thanking them for their renewed effort during the pandemic – and for actually meeting and exceeding company goals.
  • A CHRO recognized all employees for their teamwork and adaptability – while strengthening the sense of community and advancing a positive workplace culture.
  • A business group leader thanked her team for increasing productivity in the face of strong headwinds.
  • A head of sales celebrated achieving revenue goals as his team – cut off from traveling – learned how to connect with prospects in new, agile, and innovative ways.

How can my organization give a Team Award?

Thanks to our pre-configured messaging templates, it’s super simple to give your employees a Team Award. Whatever message you’d like to convey, we’ve got you covered. From “Leading the Way” to “Making a Difference” to “Resiliency,” there’s a message that will fit your unique team appreciation goals.

Want to build your own messaging platform? We can help there, as well. Drawing on inspiration from other customers, we can guide you as you create the exact message you want to convey.  

And of course, a dedicated Workhuman processing team will be with you every step of the way – from launch, to execution, to a post-award recognition analysis. You and your leadership team can see – in rich, meaningful data – the impact your Team Award has on your organization.

Get started today

With the holiday season of giving upon us, there’s news that we may be entering the most difficult period of this crisis. What better time to lift, celebrate, and recognize all that your employees have done in 2020?

To get started with a Team Award for your organization, simply complete the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll circle back to you ASAP.

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Aaron Kinne

Aaron Kinne is a senior writer at Workhuman.