30 Office Bulletin Board Ideas to Spice Up the Workplace

December 20, 2022
office bulletin board ideas for work

Does your workplace struggle with employee engagement? You’re not alone. In fact, studies show that only 15% of employees are actively engaged in the workplace. A good portion is actively disengaged, feeling miserable at work and spreading negativity to their colleagues.  

Luckily, there’s a relatively easy solution to this dilemma: adding employee bulletin boards! 

In this article, I’ve listed some of the best office bulletin board ideas for work to foster employee satisfaction and engagement in your workspace. From communication board ideas to teamwork board ideas, this list has it all. 

Let’s dive right in!

30+ Office bulletin board ideas to promote engagement at work

Workplace bulletin boards not only increase employee participation but also improve in-office relationships between co-workers. Here are some of the best office bulletin board ideas that’ll help with team building and overall job satisfaction.

13 Employee engagement bulletin board ideas for work

These bulletin board ideas improve employee engagement through interactive questions, games, and other methods. 

Suggestion board 

employee suggestions board


Want your employees to openly share their ideas to improve the workplace? Adding a suggestions bulletin board is a great way of doing so! 

A suggestion board is a fun and simple way to collect feedback, ideas, and product inspirations from your team. It’s especially effective in workplace cultures that revolve around innovation, creativity, and flexibility, as it creates a feedback-friendly atmosphere. 

If you want your team to freely share suggestions and ideas, consistency is key. Hold a meeting every week or so and encourage your team to leave suggestions on the bulletin board so you can review them at the next meeting. 

Welcome anonymous suggestions to increase engagement and create a safer space for feedback. 

Q&A Bulletin board 


q and a board

The Q&A bulletin board allows employees to ask non-time-sensitive questions about anything under the sun. 

This office bulletin board idea can be divided into two sections: work-related questions and non-work-related questions. For work-related questions, managers and team leaders should regularly check the board to ensure the accuracy of the provided questions. 

Aside from regular questions, the Q&A board can be used to conduct surveys and polls to gain insight. This allows you to gather information about company issues to improve on. Or, if you want an easier solution that doesn’t require a bulletin board and tracks the data for you, you can use Workhuman®’s MoodTracker® to help you conduct the surveys. 

Buying tips & tricks bulletin board 

buying tips and tricks bulletin board

The world seems to be getting more and more expensive by the day, so everyone is looking to save anything they can when buying groceries or eating out. By adding a Buying Tips & Tricks bulletin board, your employees can make smart decisions with the items they purchase. 

The Buying Tips & Tricks board is a space where staff can share buying tips, product reviews, and recommendations with co-workers. 

The board can be divided into several categories, such as “Best Store Deals,” “Product Reviews,” “Restaurant Offers,” “Life Hacks,” “Can’t Live Without,” and the like. 

The board can also include tools like free trial offers, menus from nearby diners or restaurants, QR codes for video tutorials, and other resources related to the topic. 

Recommended eateries and local stores board 

recommended eateries board

The Recommended Eateries and Stores office bulletin board lists recommendations for eateries, dog groomers, car repair shops, fashion boutiques, bookstores, and other services that have exceeded expectations in terms of price, service, or both. 

Your employees can leave a small review of the store they’ve visited and explain why it’s worth their attention. Alongside the review, they can leave food menus, referrals, coupons, and business cards for those interested. 

Coloring corner 

coloring board

Coloring isn’t only for children; it’s for adults, too! According to studies, the repetitive movement of coloring can reduce anxiety and bring about mindfulness. Adult coloring books exist for such a reason. 

The Coloring Corner allows employees to color printed pages at their own leisure. The pages can be something related to the company, such as a new product, a mascot, a company logo, or something completely unrelated. 

The bulletin board should include a folder with blank coloring pages that employees can bring to their stations or to their homes. 

Provide various materials to color their work, like coloring pencils, paint, or crayons. Have each employee sign and submit their masterpieces at the end of each week, which you can then display for everyone to see. 

This board idea not only aids with stress but is the perfect office bulletin board to add a pop of color and creativity to the office space. 

Prompt of the week board 

weekly prompt board idea

The Prompt of the Week office bulletin board idea adds some fun and creativity to your office. 

Each week, team leaders assign one of their members to post one question for the team to answer. The question can be work-related or non-work-related. It can be as wacky or vague as they like as long as it’s workplace appropriate. 

Example prompts include:

  • “What’s a quote that blew your mind?”
  • “What’s the life hack that’s a standard practice in your life?”
  • “What book do you want everyone to read at least once?”

Teammates can write the answer on a post-it note below the question. The more interesting the question, the more participants it’ll have. 

Compliment corner 

compliment office board example

Have you ever wanted to compliment a colleague but were either too shy or too busy to start a conversation? The Compliment Corner is your answer! 

As the name suggests, the Compliment Corner bulletin board idea allows employees to compliment other employees without having to speak to them directly. 

Employees can write compliments such as, “I love what you’ve done to your hair today!” “Good job with today’s clients!” or “Awesome jacket!” and post it on the board with or without their name signed.

The Compliment Corner creates a positive space in the office and strengthens the bond of team members. Plus, a friendship can bloom from these compliments!

Easy recipes board 

easy recipes suggestion board for office

The Easy Recipes bulletin board idea lets employees share easy recipe ideas with their colleagues to take to work or make at home. The easier, the better! 

This is a great idea for all the foodies out there, especially if you invite employees to post photos of their tasty creations. Recipe ideas include easy three-ingredient healthy snacks, no-bake desserts, and 5-minute meals. 

Encourage your team to try the recipes and leave their feedback on sticky notes. If they’re feeling generous, they can leave a plate of the recipe they’ve tried for everyone in the office to sample. 

Joke of the day   

employees laughing

Keep your office’s bulletin board light-hearted with a Joke of the Day board that showcases work-appropriate jokes, clever anecdotes, and funny puns that the whole office can laugh at. 

These jokes can improve employees’ moods, relieve stress, and foster friendship among each other, making it a great addition to an office space. It’s a fun way to incorporate humor and laughter during breaks and free time. 

Items for sale board 

The Items For Sale office bulletin board gives your team a space to sell their unwanted or extra items. It’s a useful space for those who appreciate bargain deals or are looking for specific items that are unavailable or expensive online.  

On the same board, people can post “Wanted” items or services, such as dog walking, babysitting, or apartments for rent. 

This board can potentially add value and interest to your company bulletin boards, as it gives people a reason to visit it every day for special deals. 

Songs of the week board 

board works best

The Song of the Week bulletin board idea gives employees a chance to discover new music and learn what their coworkers are jamming out to in their free time. It also helps team leaders select the music to play in the office while everyone is working. 

Encourage employees to share their favorite songs on the board, but be sure to ask for motivational or upbeat songs that don’t violate company policies. 

At the end of each week, collect all the song titles written on the board and make a playlist. This playlist will be played in the upcoming week during downtimes, events, and office breaks. 

Freebie board

free stuff board

The Freebie office bulletin board is a space where coworkers can post items they’re planning to donate or get rid of, like furniture, clothes, toys, or even baked goods. It can also be a place to offer complimentary services, like 10-minute classes or art commissions. 

Additionally, team leaders and managers can use this board to post the occasional company freebie, like company sweaters, mugs, or gift cards.  

Puzzle board 

Puzzle bulletin boards create collaborative spaces that increase team engagement. They also improve the overall mood of the workplace, giving your team a short break from the daily tasks of work. 

On the puzzle board, post thought-provoking riddles, challenging crossword puzzles, or sneaky Spot-the-Difference teasers for your team to solve on their breaks. 

For riddles, ask your team to submit their answers in a nearby box for you to review at the end of each week. 

For crossword puzzles, hangman, and other games that require a team effort, let your team members answer the questions on the board directly. 

Add new puzzles every few days or weeks to keep things interesting. If you like, you can add a small reward as an incentive to join the game. 

7 Employee-focused bulletin board ideas 

These boards encourage employee friendship through employee spotlights, employee achievements, life milestones, and the like. 

Employee Achievements board 

employee achievements bulletin board

Appreciation and recognition are fundamental human needs. When employees are recognized for a job well done, their self-esteem levels, satisfaction, and productivity rise. They feel respected and valued for their contribution to the company, and thus get motivated to do better and more work. A few words of praise can make a huge difference to one’s psyche! 

Putting up an Employee Achievements bulletin board is an easy way to recognize the work of your employees. 

Rotate the achievements every week or month to keep things new and exciting. If you like, you can provide employees featured on the board with small gifts of recognition, like gift cards, movie tickets, or a “happy hour” where the employee gets an extra hour of break. 

Life milestones board 

employee milestone birthday

If you want to foster a clan culture in your company, wherein every member treats the other like family, adding a Life Milestones office bulletin board is a good way to start.

On this board, employees can share some of their most recent life milestones. This can include marriage, birthdays, anniversaries, baby’s first walk, baby’s first word, and general announcements that employees would want to share with fellow colleagues. 

The Life Milestones board can add familiarity and closeness to your team. It gives people the chance to congratulate their colleagues’ major milestones outside of work, creating a good work-life balance in the workspace. 

Share your pets board 

team member with her dog

As someone who owns three adorable cats, I take any opportunity presented to share pictures of my beloved pets. I’m sure your team feels the same! After all, pet owners are like proud parents: they’re more than eager to share and compare photos of their pets with anyone who would listen! 

According to surveys, more than 78% of pet owners acquired pets during the pandemic. As more and more people return to the office, many will find it difficult to work without the presence of their pet companions. 

The Share Your Pets board can ease the sense of longing a pet owner feels while away from home. It gives employees the chance to share pictures and funny moments of their pets and talk to other pet parents about their own pets. 

Each photo should include the name of the employee, the department position, the pet’s age, and the pet’s name. This will surely strike a conversation among coworkers! 

And if your office allows it, perhaps you can host a bi-annual Pet Day where your employees can bring their pets to the company. 

Motivational quotes board 

motivational bulletin board

Every workplace needs a bulletin board filled with uplifting inspirational quotes and phrases. These quotes can boost morale, promote healthy mental well-being, and offer up a bit of strength to help push through a particularly difficult day.  

Such a board can be used to display affirmations, quotes, and words of wisdom that’ll inspire and encourage your team to do their best. 

Choose impactful quotes that reflect your team’s goals, aspirations, and values. To give you some insight into what to use, check out these motivational quotes from some of the most successful people in the world: 

  • “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston S. Churchill
  • “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” — Will Rogers
  • “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” — Steve Jobs
  • “Be a positive energy trampoline – absorb what you need and rebound more back.” — Dave Carolan
  • “Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.” — Patrick Lencioni
  • “Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” — Alexander Graham Bell

To keep things fresh, rotate the quotes every week or so. Ask your team what their favorite quotes are so they can be featured for everyone to see. 

Get to know me board 

get to know your employees

The Get To Know Me board helps coworkers get to know their colleagues on a more personal level. 

You can use this board to provide information on a coworker’s interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies, pets, and other fun facts. Switch out the employees every week so everyone has the chance to get to know each other, including the boss! 

To create this board, post a photo of the employee along with their name, department, and position. Then, list several fun facts about the employee. 

Today I learned board 

The Today I Learned board gives people the opportunity to share random facts they’ve learned that day. 

You can leave the board as-is with a few post-it notes and markers so employees can share their thoughts whenever they like, or assign a different team member to share a tidbit each day or week to encourage engagement. 

The board normalizes sharing of knowledge within the community, no matter how small or obscure. It also encourages a culture of constant learning and curiosity. 

Gratitude board 

grateful board

The Gratitude board serves as a daily reminder to be grateful for everything you have. 

Leave several post-it notes and markers near the bulletin board and ask your colleagues to share what they’re most thankful for. They can be as vague or as detailed as they want.  

This exercise helps people feel more positive emotions, build strong relationships, and relish good experiences no matter how small. And seeing what other people feel grateful for can inadvertently strengthen the bond between coworkers.  

7 Company bulletin board ideas 

These board ideas keep employees up-to-date with the company’s rules and regulations, safety procedures, and HR information. 

HR info board 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep track of all the information the HR department sends on a daily basis. HR emails often get lost in the sea of other work-related emails or get deleted whenever the inbox calls for space. 

Adding an HR Info board solves this issue, as it allows the HR team to post all the important information they want to share to the whole floor. 

Your team can visit the HR board whenever they’re free to keep themselves up-to-date with company policies, businesses, and issues. Just make sure to keep it updated every few weeks or months so your team is always caught up to new news.

Company policies and procedures board 

Every company needs to have a Company Policies and Procedures board. This is where company rules and regulations, as well as other company-related information, are posted. 

Examples include personal conduct standards, company culture and values, safety procedures, and regulatory compliance. 

The Company Policies and Procedures board is especially useful for newcomers, as it provides a brief overview of how the company operates. It’s also great for employees that have been working in the company for a long time as it allows them to revisit company rules that they’ve forgotten.

Job openings board

In this board, HR, managers, and team leaders can post job openings for employees looking to apply for a different position in the company. It can also be used as a place to outsource new employees through the connection of current employees. 

Company history board 

The Company History board is a classic office bulletin board idea and a staple in most offices. 

In this board, team leaders can make a fun collage of the company’s history, from its inception to how it is today. It should showcase the company’s achievements, struggles, and growth to success to inspire loyalty amongst employees. 

The Company History board can be displayed in or outside the office for both staff and customers to look through and admire. The board must be updated every time the company reaches a significant milestone or award.  

Training opportunities board 

Companies that thrive off innovation and creativity should have a bulletin board with training opportunities to learn new skills and advance their careers. 

The board should include class schedules, upcoming workshops, and a list of courses available to attend at that point in time. 

News and upcoming events board

The News and Upcoming Events board acts somewhat like a community calendar. 

It’s where HR and team leaders remind employees about upcoming company events, news, contests, work anniversaries, and the like. It’s also a place where employees can post non-work events, like fundraisers, community sales, local performances, birthdays, and upcoming holidays. 

The News and Upcoming Events board helps employees stay up-to-date with news and events in and outside the company. It can be a great way to find opportunities to bond with team members and open discussions about recent news.

New employee board 

The New Employee Board is similar to the Get To Know Me board except it only features new employees. The board introduces new hires to the rest of the office, giving the team the opportunity to make the new hire feel welcome. 

Old employees can write out welcome messages, tips, advice, congratulations, and other messages that’ll help new workers navigate the workspace in the first few weeks of work. 

3 Teamwork bulletin board ideas 

These teamwork board ideas improve teamwork through team-building activities. 

Team outings board

On this board, team leaders and managers can post upcoming team-building events for the team to participate in. The notice includes details like time, place, date, and expected activities for the next outing. 

To keep things interesting, team leaders can post pictures and/or reflections from past events so those who couldn’t attend could see what they were missing. 

They could also add a “Future Outings Recommendations” section so employees can pitch in their ideas for upcoming team-building events. 

Fitness reminder board

Health and well-being should be the main priority of any workplace. By adding a Fitness Reminder board, you’re supporting the physical and mental well-being of your colleagues.

On the board, post easy-to-follow exercises and stretching tips that can be done in or outside the office. You can also share healthy meal tips and fitness advice that can improve one’s mood during work. Don’t forget to encourage employees to share their own fitness advice, before-and-after pictures, and fitness success stories to make the board more interactive. 

This board idea is especially effective in workplaces that require employees to sit or stand while working to accommodate business needs. 

Book club board 

The Book Club board encourages co-workers to share their favorite books with other book lovers. This board helps employees get to know each other better through book preferences and opinions. 

To get started, ask your team to share what they’re reading this month and why. If others find the book interesting, you can meet up for a weekly discussion. 

Post the book’s cover, name, and summary on the bulletin board and schedule a monthly discourse about the book. Switch the book around every month so your team has something fresh to read constantly. 


How do you design a meaningful and relevant bulletin board?

Meaningful and relevant bulletin boards have one thing in common: good intent. 

The bulletin board should add value to a workspace and increase employee interaction. You can do this by designing an eye-catching bulletin board filled with important facts, quotes, information, and questions. It should encourage communication among employees. 

What types of health and safety information might be displayed on a noticeboard in a workplace?

Health and safety bulletin boards should contain information such as emergency contact, fire evacuation arrangements, insurance details, basic first aid pointers, and the like. The information provided should be up-to-date and brief. 

What should be on an employee bulletin board? 

An employee-focused bulletin board must include the following: 

  • Picture of the employee
  • Full name 
  • Department 
  • Team leader name
  • Position 
  • Hiring date 
  • Personal information (hobbies, pets, etc.)

For close-knit workplaces, the employee bulletin board can include photographs of personal events such as the birth of children, vacations, marriages, graduation, and the like. 

All employees should be given the opportunity to share a bit about themselves to create a close bond among their coworkers. 

What can I use instead of a bulletin board at the office?

If your workplace doesn’t have a bulletin board, you can instead use a whiteboard, a magnetic memo board, a pegboard, or a wire mesh board. You can also use manila paper or kraft paper. 

What is an interactive bulletin board? 

An interactive bulletin board is a bulletin board that encourages engagement and participation. Examples of such boards include the following: 

  • Suggestions board
  • Puzzle/trivia board 
  • Share Your Pets board 
  • Q&A board 
  • Today I Learned board 
  • Gratitude board 
  • Song of the Week board

How do you create an interactive office bulletin board?

To create an interactive office bulletin board, you must place it in easily accessible, high-traffic areas such as break rooms, activity rooms, and near doorways and stairwells. This way, employees wouldn’t have to go out of their way to search for it. 

Then, decide on a theme or activity that employees can join. The activity should be easy, fun, and quick to complete. Let your staff know about the board and encourage them to join if they’re free.  

How can I make my bulletin board more attractive?

Though it might seem a bit unprofessional in some workplaces, the best way to make a bulletin board more attractive is to add color, diagrams, and pictures to the board to catch the eye of your colleagues. Don’t be afraid to use accents and different fonts. 

Can foam boards be used as bulletin boards in the office? 

Absolutely! Foam boards are a great alternative to bulletin boards. They’re cheaper, too. Just make sure it’s presentable for the office. Cover it with fabric or line it with an attractive canvas to make it more appealing and office-appropriate. 


There you have it, folks; some of the best workplace employee bulletin board ideas you can use to strengthen the bond of your workforce! Use as many of these boards as you see fit, and rotate the contents every few weeks or months to keep things fresh and exciting. 

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Good luck!