“Creating a Culture of Connection With Recognition” – Introducing the New Citizens Financial Group Case Study

August 4, 2022 Sarah Bloznalis


2-minute read

Businesses are nothing without their employees. So it’s no surprise organizations that choose to focus on their people are not only more successful, but also more resilient. As one of the nation’s oldest and largest financial institutions, Citizens Financial Group has long understood the importance of a human-centric workplace.  

This new case study explores how Citizens partnered with Workhuman® to implement a modern Social Recognition® solution, driving employee engagement and retention across its business even in the most difficult of times.  


Prioritizing recognition 

With more than 18,000 employees across 42 states, it’s bound to be challenging to create a culture where employees feel connected – not just to one another, but also to the company’s mission and values. So to better promote Citizens’ mission to help customers, colleagues, and communities reach their potential, they started at the foundation – their employees.  

After a few years of using a homegrown recognition program, Citizens launched Credo Awards, the organization’s new social recognition platform, which had three guiding principles: to modernize the recognition experience, to make rewards more appealing, and to make recognition easier. 

Since launching the program last year, Citizens has collected more than 168,000 recognition moments across 96% of its employee base. This level of engagement has cut employee turnover in half by promoting an environment built on appreciation and gratitude.  

Learn how Citizens Financial Group is using the data collected from recognition moments to drive engagement and productivity, as well as how Credo has helped weather the storm that is 2020.