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Happy Office, Happy Life?

In an era of viral negativity where clashing political candidates and nameless cyber bullies rule the web, conversations about positivity and happiness seem few and far between. Americans are working harder than ever and continually finding themselves more and more stressed out.

Highlights from the 2016 WorkHuman Conference

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of attending WorkHuman 2016, hosted by Globoforce in Orlando, FL. The conference – in its second year – was action-packed, engaging, and fun. While there were many exciting, fun activities, speeches, and breakout sessions, I would be remiss if I didn’t address my favorite part: experiencing Michael J. Fox.

Leading Change in a WorkHuman Way

A week ago today, I was at the WorkHuman Conference, hosted by Globoforce. Today, as I was facilitating a workshop on Leading Innovation and Change, I was still basking in conference afterglow. Workhuman was packed with insights with some of today’s best thought leaders.

Working Human: After All, What’s the Alternative?

Over the course of three days, we heard from educators, researchers, business leaders, and human resource officers who presented on a wide range of approaches to the goal of having a more “human” workplace. The thing is, it sounds great—by all means, human workplaces for everyone! The alternative is a nightmare, right? But what is this human business really all about?
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