Product Documentation for Standalone Years of Service Clients

This guide defines the product features available in Globoforce’s Standalone Years of Service Platform. The document includes:

  • Standard product features
  • Client decision points


Release 2020-05

Effective: May 2020


Years of Service Package

Branding, Website & Emails

Custom Program Branding

Workhuman creates a recognition brand that reinforces the client’s corporate brand and core values, including:

  • Program Name / Logo
  • Single primary color for navigation bar, links, buttons, boxes,
  • Secondary color for hover color of navigation
  • Single background image for homepage lead background – choice of 6 stock or client provided custom at 940 x 300 size
  • Client provides to Workhuman:
  • Corporate logo


Site Text

  • Standard site and email text is provided in Workhuman-supported languages1
  • Up to 2 channels available for client-specific text. Examples of possible client specific text includes: Program Guidelines and a choice of stock Quote to be appended with CEO or other Executive name


Program Emails

The Workhuman platform includes a wide range of standard emails to communicate important program information to employees at key points throughout anniversary workflows. These email communications include email templates with standard, best-practice email copy, available in all Workhuman-supported languages1. All emails carry over client logo and custom color palate. A selection of these emails is configured during implementation based on client-specific program set up and functionality.


Award Activity Emails

  • Award Congratulations Notification


Award Redemption Emails

  • Award Redemption Confirmation
  • Shipping Notification Email


System/Account Emails

  • Activate Mobile Account Confirmation
  • Deactivate Mobile Account Confirmation
  • Reactivate Mobile Account Confirmation
  • Reset Password Confirmation
  • Username Reminder
  • Reset Password Token



  • Manager Notification
  • Colleague Invitation
  • Manager Reminder
  • Colleague Reminder
  • Timelines Award Email


Service Program Awards

Award Levels (Non-Cash)

  • Awards are defined as points-based.
  • Points are by default $0.05 USD each (20 points = $1 USD).
  • Points can be denominated in the following alternative currencies: Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, and Australian Dollar.
  • Each award defined within a program includes a specific monetary value along with a unique, client specified, name.
  • The program default settings include 5 points-based awards designated at best practice levels: 750, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 points.
  • Points are adjusted for standard of living in each country.
  • For each award level, client specifies receipt eligibility


Award Notifications

  • Award notifications are delivered to recipients digitally (i.e., by email and via program website).
  • Recipients and Managers can generate, save, and/or print PDF versions of awards.


Volume Award Uploads

  • A utility available for issuing a bulk set of awards, via a standard award upload template file, in an efficient manner.


Years of Service


  • Automated manager communications to provide message to recipient
  • Automated colleague communication to provide stories and congratulations to recipient
  • Service years to recognize and value of each anniversary award are client configurable
  • Timelines Award to recipient includes:
  • Award and Service Anniversary details
  • Message from company executive
  • User provided custom content from Manager and Colleagues
  • Recipient’s recognition award history
  • Award is printable by manager and recipient


Reward Availability

  • There are two reward options for US and Canada:
  • Plateau with curated merchandise selection per anniversary level
  • Gift card/Merchandise option
  • Global [Symbol] gift card/Merchandise option


Plateau Reward Options

  • US and Canada Only
  • 5th year anniversary, and every 5 year thereafter; Clients may select additional anniversary milestones to celebrate
  • Customizable values per plateau
  • 30-50 merchandise choices provided per anniversary level
  • Clients may elect to issue service awards for additional anniversary milestones with or without economic value




  • Client selects program languages from Workhuman-supported language options.1
  • Standard text for program website, award and other emails, and Mobile applications in Workhuman-supported languages.


Standard of Living Index (SOLI) Award Adjustment

  • Global awards are automatically adjusted to Workhuman-provided award values based on Workhuman’s proprietary standard of living index to provide fair and equitable awards globally
  • Client may optionally customize the index upon request


On line Reporting

Clients receive access to generate a set of standard reports that provide valuable data about program activity:

  • Configurable Report Parameters and Report Exports
  • Clients may configure the report parameters available for Reports
  • Clients may configure the report exports for Reports to include a wide range of data in these exports


Award Activity Report

  • Enables program administrators to view all approved, disapproved, and pending award nominations by multiple criteria across the entire organization
  • Administrators can change award privacy setting to Private, removing from the program’s Social features.
  • Exportable to Excel

Award Activity – Manager Report

  • Enables managers to see award activity for individuals who report directly to them
  • Exportable to Excel
  • Human Resources Manager Report
  • Enables HR managers to view all award activity for the individuals within the organizations they support.
  • Exportable to Excel


Security / User Authentication

User Authentication

  • One of the three available options is designated per client:
  • Users are authenticated via client provided User ID & employee designated password
  • SSO – SAML 2.0 is standard Single Sign On method.
  • SSO – SAML 1.1 is also available.


Data Integration

Program Administrator

  • Program administrators, as designated by the client, have authorization to access restricted reporting functionality including Award Activity Reporting.


Data Exchange

  • Client provides program user data per the Data File Specification.



  • A single, consolidated, invoice with all transaction details, to be provided monthly.
  • Delivery can be via email or Secured FTP transfer.
  • Each invoice has its own designated billing currency. Available options include: USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and AUD
  • With prior review and approval from Workhuman Finance, multi-entity invoices could also be available


Awards Detail File

  • File details are provided in the Client Data Specification
  • Client can use to interface with their payroll and/or any other HR, Finance, or other system
  • If being provided multiple invoices, can also provide multiple award details files based on the same split logic.
  • The Awards Detail file is provided to client via email or secure FTP at client-defined frequency (e.g., bi-weekly, monthly).



Award Redemption

  • Employees redeem awards via Store™
  • Offers reward options via:
  • The world’s largest selection of shopping, dining, travel, adventure, pampering and charitable gift card rewards
  • A wide selection of merchandise rewards in many countries,2 including locally relevant, locally selected, and locally supported electronics, personal fashion, home and garden, leisure activity, sports and outdoors, toys and video game, personal care, tools and automotive, kids and collectible merchandise options.
  • NOTE: Merchandise redemptions not available via Workhuman Mobile at this time


Social Recognition™

Award News Feed

  • Displays a continuous stream of Work Circle and/or company-wide recognition activity on program website
  • Displays a continuous stream company-wide recognition activity on Workhuman Mobile app
  • Display includes awards created through the automated service award program and volume award uploads.
  • Enabled for all employees and award types; client may elect to disable for some employees and/or individual award types
  • Viewers of the Award News Feed can share public recognition information with other active program participants
  • Viewer of the Award News Feed can add congratulations and comments to awards in the feed.


Award Privacy Levels

  • Users of the recognition program control award privacy levels and related publication of award. Privacy levels include:
  • Shared – display award title, reason, message on News Feed
  • Restricted – display award title and reason on News Feed but do not display award message
  • Private – do not display award on News Feed
  • Award Recipients may increase (but not decrease) the award privacy for any award received.
  • Award recipients can set that all their Anniversary awards are always Private.
  • Program Administrators can change Shared and Restricted awards to Private


Work Circles

  • Enabled for all employees with access to the Award News Feed
  • Automatically creates for each user a group of relevant employees that are used for colleague invitations to add stories and congratulations in advance of an employee’s anniversary.
  • Automatically refreshed/updated based on new award activity and changes to organizational relationships
  • Users can add or remove users from their Work Circle


My Dashboard

My Dashboard

  • Provides access for users to view their recognition program activity and manage aspects of their program. Users would only have visibility into those components of the Dashboard they are authorized for.
  • My Activity – users can personalize with a profile and/or background image.
  • Display of awards, with congratulations received
  • My Awards – details of awards received.
  • My Orders – details of redemptions placed.
  • My Mobile – for managing the user’s Mobile account.


Employee Recognition Profile

  • This portion of the Dashboard presents an employee’s My Activity display of awards visible to all employees.
  • Each employee can maintain a personal profile picture as well as page background image.
  • Employees can view their award history with congratulations.
  • Set award privacy default.
  • Enabled for all employees; client may elect to disable for all.


My Team

  • Available for all Managers.
  • Team View: Provides managers with access to any upcoming or past service anniversaries.


Workhuman Apple Mobile Application

  • Available for iPhone and iPad mobile devices, iOS 12+
  • Enabled for all employees
  • Users via the Apple app can redeem awards for gift cards
  • Colleagues can enter stories to Timeline awards pre-anniversary
  • Employees can view their award history and details and track redeemed e-certificates
  • Social features include Award News Feed with capability to add Congratulations
  • Enterprise-class mobile security, including biometric login support
  • Available for all Workhuman supported languages1. Language must also be deployed on the client’s site.
  • Compatible for Mobile Device Management with Intune and app config


Workhuman Android Mobile Application

  • Available for Android based mobile devices, version 6.0+
  • Enabled for all employees
  • Users via the Android App can redeem awards for gift cards
  • Colleagues can enter stories to Timeline awards pre-anniversary
  • Employees can view their award history and details and track redeemed e-certificates
  • Social features include Award News Feed with capability to add Congratulations
  • Enterprise-class mobile security, including biometric login support
  • Available in all Workhuman supported languages1. Language must also be deployed on the client’s site.
  • Compatible for Mobile Device Management with Intune and app config


Mobile Web Application (MWA)

  • Available for smart phones running Android 6.0+ or iOS12+
  • Enabled for all employees
  • Users can redeem awards for gift cards via MWA
  • Colleagues can enter stories to Timeline awards pre-anniversary
  • Employees can view their award history and details and track redeemed e-certificates
  • Social features include Award News Feed with capability to add congratulations
  • Enterprise-class mobile security
  • Available for all Workhuman supported languages1. Language must also be deployed on the client’s site.
  • Media Recognition
  • Provide for inclusion of a phot or video when placing a manager message or colleague story to a Timelines award
  • Enabled for all employees
  • Configurable on or off by award type
  • Video and photos can be added when adding stories to a recipient’s Timeline via the site
  • Maximum size of 40MB
  • Video playback and viewing photos is available for viewing (based on eligibility to access each feature below) via:
  • My Dashboard
  • My Team
  • Award News Feed
  • Employee Profile
  • All Workhuman mobile platforms
  • Online reports
  • Page Break
  • Optional Product Packages


Additional Optional Packages (additional fees may apply)

Award Types

  • Cash Awards: Client may include cash awards in program
  • eThank Yous: Client may include zero value Awards in program (may be subject to limitations)


Years of Service

Physical Award Package Options

  • Digital-Only includes a digitally-delivered and printable Award Certificate
  • Standard Pack includes a 5” x 7” Award Certificate, 5” x 7” cardboard frame with easel back and 5.25” x 7.25” two-sided insert with CEO letter and redemption instructions
  • Enhanced Pack includes 8.5” x 8.5” folder, 5” x 7” Award Certificate, 5” x 7” cardboard frame with easel back, 8” x 8” tri-fold brochure with CEO letter and redemption instructions
  • Distinguished Pack includes 7.125” x 5.125” x 1.125” custom box, 7” x 5” personalized card, 7” x 5” CEO letter, 4” x 6” Lucite desk frame with magnetized stainless back, 4” x 6” Award Certificate and 5”x7” multi-page brochure with redemption instructions


Workday Integration

Employee Data Integration

  • Standard integration utility to transfer from Workday to Workhuman client employee data in support of the recognition program


Award Data Integration

  • Standard integration utility to transfer from Workhuman to Workday recognition award activity data for use in payroll and/or talent feedback records.


1Workhuman Supported Languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (default program language), Finnish, French, French-Canadian, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin-American Spanish, Malay, Marathi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, UK English, Vietnamese. Arabic and Hebrew Beta versions available.

2Countries in which Merchandise rewards are Available: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands, Viet Nam.