October 28, 2014

eBook: The Trouble with Milestones

troube-milestones-tnIs your service anniversary program tired, uninspiring, or burdensome? Implementing an intuitive years of service program that automatically invites participation from colleagues can be a huge opportunity for making milestone programs more inclusive, more automated, and less work for administrators.

If you need a checklist of possible flaws in your years of service efforts, this eBook is a great place to start.

The Trouble with Milestones examines some of the ways that traditional service awards are falling short of the mark and failing to deliver results. And then it offers new and innovative ideas for how to address those problems and build a milestone program that will help make employees feel connected and engaged for years to come.

You’ll find:

  • 8 fatal flaws in many service awards programs
  • Actionable tips for making service awards more meaningful
  • New ideas for transforming and automating milestones


Press Contact

Jenna West
Public Relations


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