Crowdsourcing & the Performance Revolution

Performance management needs a revolution, not an evolution. This track is designed for HR leaders and people managers who want to learn how crowdsourced feedback, recognition, continuous conversations, and check-ins can humanize the way we motivate and develop our people. This track also emphasizes how leading companies are re-architecting pay to better align with their top performers, including peer-based micro-pay and crowdsourced rewards that recognize achievements throughout the year.

The Business Case for Social Recognition

As we shift away from the industrial age of HR as a siloed function and focus more on creating an exceptional employee experience, how can HR leaders make a tangible impact on the business? Through industry research and case studies, this track showcases the business value of social recognition in driving organizational excellence, employee performance, retention, and employee happiness. Explore how modern recognition technology can help measure cultural change, increase engagement, track employee sentiment, and measure inclusiveness at your company.

Thriving Through Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

As human beings, we want to contribute to workplaces that are positive, joyous, and inclusive. How can we elevate diversity, inclusion, and belonging beyond compliance and governance to a cultural imperative? This track explores proven strategies in building a diverse workplace where every employee can thrive from experiencing a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Your Whole Self

How can we create healthy environments that allow people to bring their whole, human selves to work? What are the bottom-line business benefits of focusing on wellness, mindfulness, and resilience at work? This track focuses on how to live WorkHuman in an organization by building trust between managers and employees and championing programs that enrich work/life balance, making employees feel valued, respected, and appreciated.

Humanizing Your Employer Brand

An organization’s culture, corporate brand, and reputation are critical to attracting and retaining talent and creating an award-winning workplace where everyone is inspired to do their best work. Here, some of the most admired global companies will discuss how to build a more human employer brand that connects employees to your company mission, helping you attract and retain the best talent in the world.

HR Leaders as Culture Facilitators

How are HR leaders at some of the world’s most admired companies building strategies for true culture change? Across industries and even company sizes, what are the core tenants of addressing the whole human at work? How can we build gratitude and compassion into our everyday operations? This track is for HR leaders and culture keepers to explore new approaches to creating an enviable culture in a highly competitive talent landscape.

The Human Workplace

The ideal workplace of the future will be one where culture and humanity co-exist. More than ever, organizations’ successes rely on the happiness and well-being of their employees. This track explores a variety of topics, from the significance of promoting gratitude and appreciation in the workplace to the impact of office design in making employees feel more human. From humanitarian stories to real-world examples and TED-style talks, this track will share actionable insights for putting employees first and recognizing and appreciating them as your greatest assets.

Executive Forum

This session is for senior HR leaders, specifically CHROs, SVPs and VPs, to share their passion, experience, and expertise to advance and expand the WorkHuman movement. WorkHuman is inspiring companies around the world to create a more human work culture – one that energizes employees and propels businesses forward. The WorkHuman Executive Forum brings together a small group of HR executives and esteemed industry thought leaders to tackle challenges and brainstorm ideas to pave the way for a workplace infused with humanity. Pre-registration required to attend the sessions in this track.

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