Rosette Cataldo

Rosette Cataldo

Vice President, Performance & Talent Strategy, Globoforce

Why is Rosette speaking at WorkHuman?

The command-and-control style of leadership is no longer effective.  Today, leaders need to build organizations that deepen relationships between employees. To inspire employees to give their best performance, organizations need to fulfill the needs of the mind, the needs for social connection and positive reinforcement – to ultimately allow employees to be who they are. Rosette is an expert in helping to build next-generation human workplaces fueled by recognition and infused with positivity.

About Rosette:

Rosette Cataldo works closely with organizations of all sizes to help them embrace new HR technologies that impact their culture positively. A 25-year HR technology veteran, at Globoforce, Rosette works closely with customers and prospects to drive the adoption of performance development solutions that foster a growth mindset and build positive work cultures. Previously, she served as Senior Vice President at Yoi, a Keith Ferrazzi Company, and at The Marcus Buckingham Company. Rosette is an expert in the evolving landscape of continuous performance management redesign. She has worked with organizations including Dun and Bradstreet, NCR, Verizon and Patagonia to help them transition to a culture where continuous feedback leads to measurable business outcomes like increased engagement and higher productivity. Rosette has an MBA from Boston College and attended Boston University School of Management with a concentration in organizational behavior and social psychology.

Drop the Playbook: Keep Performance Strategy Simple and Human
Rosette Cataldo, Vice President, Performance & Talent Strategy, Globoforce

The state of the workplace – with a focus on teams and new employee expectations – requires a total reimagining of the way organizations develop their people. The emphasis is on the employee experience with a shift away from bureaucracy toward more transparency and trust. Based on new research from Globoforce’s WorkHuman Analytics and Research […]

Bringing Humanity to Performance Management

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