Karen Eber

Karen Eber

Global Culture and Leadership Development Expert and Executive, General Electric

Why is Karen speaking at WorkHuman?

What does a four-time American Training and Development award winner have to teach us about multigenerational workplace development tools? Storytelling. Karen applies this unique mechanism to help people reach their leadership potential, which is a tactic she uses with the global employee base at General Electric.

About Karen:

Karen Eber is a global leadership development and culture expert focused on helping individuals, teams, and organizations perform their best. Karen uses a storytelling approach to point out examples in everyday life that inspire all people to reach their leadership potential and be #betterthanyesterday. Karen leverages performance consulting, change management, coaching, neuroscience, and strengths-based development to create high performance.

Karen is an executive within the General Electric company, responsible for shaping culture and leadership development for the power business with employees in more than 150 countries. Karen’s roots are in psychology, communications, performance improvement, and instructional design. She is a four-time American Training and Development (ATD) award winner and eminent thought leader and contributor to various publications.

Storytelling: It’s Not Just for Bedtime and Campfires
Karen Eber, Global Culture and Leadership Development Expert, General Electric

Storytelling is one of the oldest development tools to share information across generations. It is also an invaluable leadership development tool. Storytelling helps leaders internalize, reflect, and intentionally think about their actions. It also helps shape culture and establish trust through vulnerability. We regularly hear how important storytelling is in leadership, yet leaders still don’t […]

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