Don’t just talk
about inclusion –
operationalize it.

Introducing Inclusion Advisor, an industry-first, AI-powered feature within the Workhuman Cloud® that helps build cultures of belonging. Because today’s DE&I initiatives need to be more than just lip service.


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Implicit bias in the workplace is in approximately 20-30% of written communications – even in the most positive settings.*

*Based on Workhuman iQ research

Identify and mitigate unconscious bias in real time.

In-the-moment microcoaching mitigates
unconscious bias in real time, improving
how employees communicate.

How it works

75% of people chose to make a change to their language when unconscious bias was brought to their attention.*

*Based on Workhuman iQ research

Harness the power of science and AI.

Get all the benefits of data science without hiring the scientist. Workhuman® language experts analyzed a sampling of 70-plus million moments of recognition to identify implicit bias used in everyday workplace language. This analysis, combined with AI, picks up on subtleties in recognition messages educating employees about bias in real time.

DE&I training is no longer a one-time event.

DE&I training in more than certification – it’s about operationalizing inclusion every day at every level of your organization. In doing so, you’ll make inclusion part of your company’s DNA.

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Our customers love Inclusion Advisor.

Merck is leveraging Inclusion Advisor to achieve their DE&I goals. If Inclusion Advisor flags a message, employees choose to change their language 74% of the time. This private, micro-coaching moment allows employees to pause and reflect on their own unconscious bias. With a little help from Inclusion Advisor, your organization can take a step towards a more inclusive workplace.

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How it works.

1. Write your Social Recognition® message.

2. Inclusion Advisor uses AI to pick up on subtleties in your words, underlining those that may be perceived as bias.

3. A Smart Assistant provides you with education on why certain language has been flagged for revision as well as real-time suggestions for improving the message.

4. Once language is changed, you can recheck your message before sending.

It helps us recognize people and ensure we’re using words that are inclusive and instill confidence, and it really helps people feel good about their reward.

— Celeste Warren, Vice President of Global Diversity and Inclusion for Merck

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