Executive Panel: Rebuilding HR for the Human Workplace

How are companies making the shift from the old model of Human Capital Management – where employees are resources to be managed – to a new way of empowering and inspiring their people? What steps can HR take to dismantle antiquated processes and allow for a more human employee experience to flourish in our organizations?

In this panel, moderated by Derek Irvine, vice president of strategy and consulting at Globoforce, you’ll learn from the world’s most innovative HR leaders on how they are igniting transformation in their companies. They’ll share new ways of thinking about key issues HR is tasked with leading, such as social recognition and gratitude, the future of performance management, and diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Specifically, they will discuss:

• No matter what industry you’re in, how to build a workplace culture infused with positivity and goodwill
• What processes and tools are replacing traditional performance management to fuel employee learning and growth
• How to make diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives real and impactful for your employees

Crowdsourcing & The Performance Revolution HR Leaders as Culture Facilitators Humanizing Your Employer's Brand The Business Case for Social Recognition The Human Workplace Thriving Through Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Your Whole Self

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