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Recognition: A Powerful Tool at Performance Review

Companies still committed to tactical employee incentives programs or informal programs miss out on one of the top benefits of an online, structured, strategic recognition program – accountability.

I’ve heard throughout my career complaints from managers at all levels who hate doing performance reviews, finding the time in their busy schedules to recall a year’s worth of effort and comment effectively on it. A strategic recognition program gives managers one avenue of insight into an employee’s ongoing performance levels based on recognitions received. For example, trends can be identified such as the lack of recognitions received by one team member while all other members have received several or an employee receiving recognitions helping on projects not identified as priorities.

Employees also benefit from the recorded recognition, pats-on-the-back and other kudos tracked through the system at review time.

What about you? Do you have kudos to show at review time? What do you rely on to show accomplishments throughout the year?