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Compensation Cafe: Time to Press Pause

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! -- Pressing pause gives employees time to reflect on their own work and the work of everyone around them. Social recognition brings power and frequency to those pauses.

A new year, a new chance to buckle down, focus on priorities and get to work - right? Actually, now may be a good time to pause, sit back and reflect instead. In my post today on Compensation cafe, I explain why. As I say in the post:

In addition to some amount of “where have I been,” pauses also offer the opportunity to reflect on “where am I now” and “where do I want to go.” If we think about our professional lives, the interrelationships between these questions is really about creating self-awareness, performance, and opportunity. These are the same principles behind everything from mindfulness to leadership and high-potential development. It turns out most activities that require improvement also require a pause that allow us to establish goals and develop plans.

Click over for the full story and more on the role social recognition plays in creating the habits to press pause at work.