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June 11, 2015 Lynette Silva Heelan

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! -- WorkHuman isn't an event. It's an idea, an action, a movement, a result.

I'm back in the office after spending the week at our inaugural WorkHuman event. I am very much on a conference high, deeply influenced and affected by everything we learned about how - together - we can be happier, healthier, more motivated, more engaged in matters most to us, and so much more.

What does all this look like? It's about approaching work differently, and approaching conferences about work differently. It's about creating connections, which is the heart of who we are and what we need as humans - real connections with others. I think the stories of others at WorkHuman speak far better to the experience than I ever could (though I know my experiences will be popping in blog posts for months to come).  

Starr Conspiracy's Lance Haun - "Five Ways to Do an HCM User Conference Right"

Read the full post for Lance's full five tips for effective conferences based on WorkHuman.

"This year, Globoforce took an ambitious shot at reimagining that [user] experience and launched a new event called WorkHuman. It would bring in people who overwhelmingly weren't customers and be a bigger brand play for the company... "I also heard that Globoforce is looking to extend the WorkHuman idea into a year-round initiative, with the conference being a capstone event to a year of thought leadership built around it. That will be fun to observe. "It takes a lot to melt my cold, cynical heart about whether the ideas posited by WorkHuman can become a majority point of view in the HR community. It will be fascinating to watch how this event evolves and if it can create a pocket of evolutionary thinking."  

Top Social Moments from WorkHuman

Check out the #WorkHuman twitter stream, or these summaries of conference highlights:


Join the WorkHuman Movement

Do you need more humanity in where and how you work? We are committed to WorkHuman as more than an event. It's a movement. We are thrilled that China Gorman has joined Globoforce as a consultant and chair of Globoforce’s WorkHuman advisory board.

In this role, Gorman will help guide the strategic direction for WorkHuman 2016, a major HR industry conference focused on the future of the human workplace. What do you need to WorkHuman?


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Lynette Silva Heelan

Lynette Silva is a principal consultant on Workhuman’s Strategy & Consulting team, partnering with clients on change strategies to make work more human.

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