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Compensation Cafe: Keeping SCORE to Keep Employees

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! -- No single approach to meeting employee needs serves all employees all the time.

Typically, I'm not the type of person to keep score. Then an article in Huffington Post about a SCORE acronym for what matters most to employees caught my eye.

Click over to Compensation Cafe for the full post and why I disagree with the author's assertion that Stability and Compensation are less important to high-performing employees than Opportunity, Responsibility and Environment. As I say in the post:

I can see the argument that stability and compensation are particularly important to those new to the workforce, but the need for employees to believe they are fairly compensated for the work they do does not diminish throughout a career. Since in this author’s structure, recognition and incentives are included in compensation, this is particularly true. As an executive friend of mine once told me, “I’ve never been promoted to a level where I didn’t want to hear ‘thank you’ for my efforts to help others.”

Read the post for the rest, and tell me your take in comments.