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Compensation Cafe: How to Get People to Work Harder

Recognize This! -- More money isn't necessarily the answer to inspire harder work.

Sometimes we need to get back to the fundamentals in order to move forward more quickly. This week on Compensation Cafe, I asked the very fundamental question - "How do you get people to work?" Of course, the basic answer is through a contract for a specified amount of compensation in return for a specified amount of work.

But we all know the employee contract is not that simple. If all we're getting from employees is the bare minimum of what's outlined in the job description, then we are not only failing as managers, we are failing the employee, too. Leaders owe it to employees to inspire, encourage and motivate in ways that help the employee engage more deeply in the meaning and value of the work being done - at a personal as well as a corporate level.

That's the point of my post, where I also share insight from Barney Harford, CEO of Orbitz Worldwide, on this topic, too. Click over for the full post, then tell me, what gets you to work harder?