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Compensation Cafe: Instead of Employee of the Month...

by Derek Irvine 

Recognize This! - Employee of the Month programs don't deliver the recognition employees deserve.

My post this week on Compensation Cafe was inspired by the HR Capitalist, Kris Dunn. In his blog, he shared a couple ideas to revitalize "lame" Employee of the Month programs and asked for more ideas.

Read the full Compensation Cafe post for more on my two ideas for what to do about tired Employee of the Month programs:

  1. Get rid of them.
  2. Use the data in your social recognition program as the primary selection tool.

I've heard too many times that people think of Employee of the Month programs as "teacher's pet" or "who's turn is it this time?" Our employees deserve much better recognition than that for their efforts that help us achieve our success.

What do you think about Employee of the Month programs?