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Top 3 Cruelest Office April Fools Pranks

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – It’s time to deliver on the promise of positive work cultures through the Power of Thanks.

Today is the day when pranksters push the boundaries of acceptable office “humor” – from wrapping an entire cube in tin foil (actual photo from our office today) to less funny and potentially more harmful pranks that can negatively impact others (Ex-Lax brownies come to mind). But those aren’t the worst pranks.

No, the truly terrible are those that most employees endure every day in workplaces around the world. They are:

  1. “Our employees come first.”
  2. “Our core values are important to us.”
  3. “We cultivate a culture in which people can thrive.”

Why do I call these pranks?

Because all too often, people are lured into new positions in an organization with these promises, only to find out employees only come first as long as the company is meeting or exceeding the crazy demands of customers or shareholders. Or that the core value of “integrity” is truly only valued if “integrity” doesn’t get in the way of "profit above all else.

" The last example is perhaps the most pervasive. A positive, empowering, appreciative culture is a powerful lure for employees who want to spend the majority of their waking day in an atmosphere where they can work hard and well, but also be recognized and appreciated for it. Too bad that promise of a culture of recognition can be forgotten when pressure mounts.

It’s time we bury these awful pranks for good.

It’s time we use the Power of Thanks to create and sustain just that kind of culture through which employees really do come first and the core values become more than a plaque on a wall.

When we recognize and appreciate people for living the core values, we cultivate a positive culture in which employees do thrive.

What are the worst “pranks” you see being perpetrated against employees in your office?


About the Author

Lynette Silva is a principal consultant on Workhuman’s Strategy & Consulting team, partnering with clients on change strategies to make work more human.

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