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Compensation Cafe: Rethinking Mental Health Days in a WorkHuman World

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! -- Supporting employees' needs to rejuvenate or recuperate is an important aspect of how we can WorkHuman.

Have you ever "pulled a sickie" (or in American parlance, "taken a mental health day")? It seems likely nearly all have.

A recent survey out of the UK relayed some interesting findings about why people pull a sickie.

The topic of my post today on Compensation Cafe, the survey found a top reason for taking a fake sick day was simply feeling overwhelmed at work. On the flip side, legitimately sick employees who still come to work while ill do so for the same reason.

In the Compensation Cafe post, I dive into how we can help overcome these dual challenges and encourage employees to take the time they need to rejuvenate or recuperate as the case may be.