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Compensation Cafe: 6-Hour Work Day?

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! -- We can achieve more efficient, effective work days by eliminating the busy, mundane and unnecessary.

It seems we've been promised shorter work days due to ever more efficient systems and technologies for decades. Yet those same technologies make it possible for us to work more easily anywhere and, therefore, longer hours.

Reigning in the work day may have less to do with the work and more do with how we perceive our responsibilities to work and the company.

Regardless, Sweden seems to be trying to find the way by instituting a six-hour work day. I shared more in my post on today on Compensation Cafe, discussing companies who have achieved the six-hour workday by eliminating busy work, reducing distractions, and making sure the most important work gets done first. (Of course, this also necessitated a discussion of TPS reports.)