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April 3, 2020


Eric Mosley has announced Workhuman® is making special editions of Life Events® and Conversations® products free until March 2021 to help mitigate isolation during the COVID-19 disruption. Human moments, including those anchored in an office environment and those focused on the family, don’t stop during times of crisis. Impromptu conversations about baby shower gifts and birthday card signatures, among others, now shift to an online format, but still continue.

According to a Workhuman/SHRM report, when employees are very/somewhat satisfied with the celebration of life events, they are nearly 2x as likely to agree their company is a good place to work. Having a forum to celebrate and illuminate the good happening in an employee’s life becomes more vital as everyone navigates to this new way of working.

“We are living in a moment where the future of work has become the 'now of work' overnight. The 'now of work' requires organizations to abolish their old HR processes and practices and shift to a more human approach to driving meaningful social interactions at work,” said Jason Averbook, leading analyst, thought leader, and CEO and co-founder of Leapgen.

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