Celebrate the Whole Person by Recognizing Memory-Making Moments

June 10, 2020 Sabrina Baker

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One of my favorite books is “The Power of Moments,” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. It is a book I reference when building onboarding programs, engagement programs, and really any event that focuses on a moment in time.

Like starting a new job.

Getting a promotion.

Building a product that positively impacts the company for years to come.

But I don’t love the book only because of its application inside the workplace. I love it because it makes any reader realize how important life-changing moments are, regardless of where they happen.

Like having a baby.

Getting married.

Losing a loved one.

Chip and Dan emphasize that leaders have the ability to create and celebrate memory-making moments, and that by doing so, we can improve the relationships we have with employees.

And I think we can all agree on how important that is. 

Here is the thing about this though. Celebrating life moments goes beyond just doing the right thing by sending a “congrats” or building stronger relationships with an employee. It is about recognizing that employees are whole people. Sometimes leaders get caught up in what an employee can do. We see employees as a skillset or a sum of experience. We forget that there is a whole other side of them and a whole other life outside of work. 

Being deliberate about celebrating life moments is a way to show employees that you are interested in the whole person – and focused on seeing them succeed in all facets of life. 

Working with small businesses, I’ve learned that the ability for leaders to create and celebrate those memory-making moments varies by business setup. For some, knowing when life moments happen is easy. When you have 20 people who all work in the same office, memory-making moments are known and easily celebrated by everyone. When you have 20 employees who all work remotely or do not all interact, it may be a bit more difficult. In our current world, remote work or work that is spread out across many offices will become more of the norm. 

It will become more important than ever for leaders to find a way to understand the big moments that are happening in an employee’s life and celebrate accordingly. 

We all crave good news. And we all want to support our co-workers in celebration or in sorrow. We can’t do that if we don’t make a habit of sharing those stories to the extent that employees are comfortable. That celebration can be done informally through an email (that maybe not everyone reads) or more formally through a solution like Life Events®. However it gets done, the result will be positive.

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Our employees have complex lives – lives that extend far beyond the hours they are “clocked in.” Memory-making moments can change us forever. Be a part of them with employees. Celebrate. Grieve. Rally the entire team to do the same. Doing so leads to better engagement, stronger team relationships, and employees who are willing to fully show up each and every day. 


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