5 Employee Data Points That Will Blow Your Mind

June 5, 2020 Jess Huckins

2-minute read

Any vendor can claim it reduces turnover and increases engagement. But Workhuman® is the only company that uses more than 50 million moments of human connection points – led by a team of data scientists – to actually demonstrate these KPIs. Companies around the world have used this data to uncover the reasons behind organizational issues such as voluntary turnover, low employee engagement, lack of cultural alignment, unconscious bias in the workplace, and high turnover rates.

Check out this infographic for five data points you won’t find anywhere else – not even in your HRIS. Interested in working with our data scientists to analyze your program data? Reach out to your customer representative to learn more today.  



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About the Author

Jess Huckins

Jess Huckins is a content producer at Workhuman. She produces the Keeping Work Human video series and writes white papers, checklists, video scripts, infographics, and other content, focusing primarily on the data fueled by gratitude and recognition. Jess lives in Salem, Mass., where she enjoys adventuring outdoors with her two border collies.

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