The Financial Impact of a Positive Employee Experience

Findings from the Workhuman Analytics & Research Institute and IBM Smarter Workforce Institute

The Employee Experience Index is a groundbreaking study of more than 22,000 workers in 43 countries to determine the impact of a positive employee experience on retention, discretionary effort, and performance. But can employee experience move the needle on metrics that will pique the interest of your CEO, CFO, and even head of sales?

The short answer is “yes.” This new paper analyzes the relationship between employee experience and key financial outcomes. Findings from the study reveal organizations that deliver a positive employee experience through human workplace practices like recognition, empowerment, and feedback, see a significant impact on return on assets and return on sales.

Download the report and learn:

  • The six human workplace practices that lead to nearly 3x the return on assets and more than 2x the return on sales
  • How even a small improvement in employee experience can lead to an increase in millions of dollars in operating income
  • The role senior leadership and HR practitioners play in crafting a positive employee experience
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