Justify Your Trip

WorkHuman isn’t just an HR conference. It’s a conference for everyone, especially people managers – and it’s unlike any other leadership conference out there. It’s an incredible experience for personal and professional growth, and perhaps the most impactful conference you’ll attend all year. Just take it from one of our customers who said, “This is the conference I’d arm-wrestle my boss to be able to attend.”
– Amanda Linard, Director of Compensation, Cardinal Health

Need help getting the approval to attend?

No worries! Download our customizable letter that includes all the right details and bottom-line benefits. One look at the rich content offering that touches every corner of workplace culture, and your manager will practically be pushing you out the door – and maybe even coming with you!

Justify your trip

Justify your trip



Dear [NAME]

I’m requesting approval to attend WorkHuman 2019, March 18-21 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn.

Why WorkHuman?

WorkHuman 2019 defines the cutting edge of HR industry trends and innovative leadership – with powerful, award-winning academic and business leaders engaging in conversation and presenting research. Speakers at this event are some of the most admired and innovative thinkers in the industry today. Notable speakers include Gary Hamel and Cy Wakeman. There will also be a rich offering of more than 70 breakout sessions on topics that are meaningful to me in my professional growth, including content tracks like: Bringing Humanity to Performance Management, Living Your Best Work Life, Navigating Employee Emotions at Work, Empowering through Diversity & Equality, Elevating Your Employer Brand, Applying the Value of Gratitude, Creating a Culture of Community, and Merging Humanity & Technology.

How will this benefit [COMPANY NAME]?

Forward-leaning organizations have long foreseen a shift in the modern workplace to provide a more human employee experience that strengthens connections between people and teams, and, ultimately, drive stronger employee and company performance.

These are the types of breakthrough insights I’ll gain at WorkHuman – and can bring back and put to work at [COMPANY NAME]. WorkHuman 2019 will give me proven strategies and actionable ideas on how we can help motivate our workforce, increase employee engagement, and boost productivity.

WorkHuman 2019 attendees will also receive Professional Development Credits (PDCs). Last year, attendees were awarded 17 SHRM, 17 HRCI, 17 HRPA, and 17 WorldatWork Professional PDCs toward their recertification.

While at WorkHuman 2019, I will attend the following sessions that I believe will benefit key work culture initiatives at [COMPANY NAME]:

    • [add session & project or initiative]
    • [add session & project or initiative]
    • [add session & project or initiative]

Here’s a breakdown of my approximate conference costs:

    • Airfare:
    • Transportation:
    • Hotel:
    • Meals:
    • Conference Fee:

Total conference cost of ______.

When I return from WorkHuman 2019, I will prepare a post-conference summary, including detailed recommendations that can further our [XYZ initiatives]. I’ll also receive a conference report from Globoforce – including key findings and insights – that I can share with the team.

WorkHuman 2019 will help me continue the momentum of building a more human work culture at [COMPANY NAME] – one that differentiates our company so we can better attract top talent, and retain the valuable employees we have today.

Thank you for your consideration.



P.S. To get additional insights into what makes the WorkHuman conference inspiring, informative, and a good business decision for our company, take a look at highlights from WorkHuman 2018 at www.workhuman.com.