Now’s the time to recognize., connect., and celebrate.

Bring more humanity to your business – FREE through March 2021.

As a Workhuman® customer, you know our global solutions connect teams and strengthen workforces, replacing isolation with recognition, connection, and celebration. Right now, and always, human connection is the most powerful force in the workplace – and the world. So, add Life Events® and Conversations® to your solutions. Try them for FREE through March 2021. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today.

life events®

Celebrate what’s life-affirming.

Celebrate the new babies, birthdays, weddings, and much-needed well-wishes. Rally your work family to stay connected and share more personal stories. Enlist the crowd through social support to keep morale high.


Connect to navigate uncertainty.

Give continuous feedback with Conversations® to help stay flexible and fluid. Make planned check-ins something managers and teams can count on. Set and re-set short-term goals to stay aligned as priorities shift.

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