Product Documentation For Mid-Market Conversations Clients

This guide defines the product features available in Workhuman’s Conversations Platform for Mid-Market clients. The document includes:

  • Standard product features
  • Client decision points


Release 2021-11

Effective: November 2021


Conversations Solution

Platform Compatibility

For clients to deploy Conversations, Workhuman’s Recognition platform must also be deployed.


Branding, Website & Emails

Custom Program Branding

The recognition brand deployed carries forward to Conversations. Specific branding elements on display in Conversations include:

  • Award Names
  • Award Reasons and colors
  • Program logo


Site Text

  • Standard site and email text is provided in Workhuman-supported languages1
  • Client has the option to provide Custom text (including translations) for Conversations content.


Conversations Features


The Conversation Dashboard page is accessed via a user’s recognition site home page or direct link for participating employees. The elements displayed correspond to only those that the user participates in. All Conversations elements are accessed from the Dashboard, including:

  • Feedback: A listing of all received, requested, and responded to, most recent on top, and access to details of each
  • Check-ins: A listing of all personal check-ins, most recent on top, and access to details of each
  • Priorities: A listing of all active and closed, most recent of each on top, and access to details of each
  • My Recognition: A listing of recent strategic recognition received, and access to details of each
  • Notifications: Display comments added to Check-ins and Priorities the user is a participant in
  • Filtering: swim lanes can be filtered by date range, Award Reason Tag, Universal Tag, and type of Feedback, Check-in, Priority



  • All managers are presented with a graphical Timeline of their direct reports’ Conversations activity.
  • For each direct report icons representing Feedback, Check-ins, Priorities, and recognition are presented along a six-month time line.



Feedback is a key source of learning and development for employees and managers. Feedback can be configured on or off.

  • Employees can request feedback from colleagues. Configurable on or off at client level.
  • Managers can gather Feedback on their direct reports.
  • Colleagues can provide unprompted, in-the-moment feedback. Configurable on or off at client level.
  • Employees can share feedback they have received with their managers. Optional configuration available to have all Feedback automatically shared with managers.
  • Email communications ensure employees and managers are up to date as to requests for feedback and when feedback has been received.
  • Recognition alternative: a giver of Feedback can instead create a Recognition nomination.
  • Feedback Guidance is available to givers and requestors of Feedback to assist in creating Feedback items. Guidance text is configurable.
  • Participants of a Feedback can add comments
  • Documents can be attached to Feedback entries
  • Priorities can be tagged to Feedback



Check-ins are a way to lightly document a conversation, a one on one, or a development session between an employee and their manager. Check-ins can be configured on or off.

  • Check-ins occur between an employee and their manager
  • Check-ins can be created by either the employee or manager, and are visible on each person’s dashboard
  • Check-ins can be grouped by Type
  • Up to 10 attachments can be added to each Check-in
  • Check-ins can be edited by the creator of the Check-in
  • Participants of a Check-in can add comments
  • Check-in Guidance is available for creators of Check-ins. Guidance text is configurable.
  • Employees and managers are sent email “nudges” when overdue Check-ins are missed
  • Optional configuration: Open Check-ins. Allow for the creation of Check-ins between any, and even multiple, Check-in participants.



A Priority is a task or a goal between a manager and an employee. It is a light documentation of objectives the employee and manager have set for the employee. Priorities can be configured on or off.

  • Employees and their managers can create and edit priorities
  • Priorities can be marked as completed and/or reopened
  • Priorities can be grouped by Type
  • Up to 10 attachments can be added to each Priority
  • Priorities have 2 privacy settings:
  • Private – visible just to the employee and their manager
  • Public – Visible and available to tag to a nomination during the nomination process in the Recognition platform.
  • Priorities Guidance is available for creators of Priorities. Guidance text is configurable.
  • Participants of a Priority can add comments
  • Priorities can be tagged to recognition during the nomination process
  • Priorities can be tagged to Feedback



  • Award Reasons: Feedback, Check-ins, and Priorities can be tagged with an Award Reasons from a client’s their main strategic recognition program.
  • The dashboard provides filtering by tag


Client Executive Dashboard

Available upon request from a client’s Customer Success Manager, this is a highly graphical report providing analysis of a client’s Conversations program usage. Standard report format, not configurable.


Conversations via Mobile

Conversations is available via the Workhuman native apps for Android and Apple devices.

Specific functionality available includes:

  • Feedback: Employees can give and request; and view Feedback received. Feedback can be tagged to Priorities.
  • Check-ins: Employees can create, edit (content, not dates), and view. Check-in Types are included
  • Priorities: Employees can create, edit, view, and complete. Priority Types are included.
  • Managers: can support all Employee Performance Management functionality.


Outlook Integration

Through an Outlook Add-in:

  • Check-ins employees and managers can perform Conversations actions directly from Outlook.
  • Email received can be classified as Feedback
  • Requires Outlook 2013 or 2017 or later.


Slack Integration

Through a Slack Add-in, integration between Slack and Conversations is available. Slack entries can be used to create Feedback, Check-ins, and Priorities. Supports Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid versions of Slack.


Crowdsourced Performance Report

The Crowdsourced Performance Report provides details of an employee’s Conversations activity including details of check ins and feedback. The report can be accessed by managers and employees via the Conversation platform as well as by managers for each direct report via My Team/Individual View in the Recognition platform,


1Workhuman Supported Languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (default program language), Finnish, French, French-Canadian, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin-American Spanish, Malay, Marathi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, UK English, Vietnamese.