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Employees are demanding humanity in the workplace. Become Workhuman® Certified and show the world you’re reshaping the future of work—while outperforming the competition.

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Be Human to the fullest

Why Get Workhuman Certified?

Workhuman Certified distinguishes companies committed to providing an environment where all humans are valued and thrive.

With Workhuman Certified you will gain:

  • Recognition – Take advantage of your digital toolkit and partnered content opportunities to elevate your brand and amplify your human-centered workplace
  • Connection – Build relationships with like–minded executives and professionals who care just as much about their culture as you do
  • Valuable insights and data – Put cutting-edge Workhuman research with more than 50 million WHiQ data points to work, offering actionable insights on key workforce shifts to supercharge meaningful change
  • Exclusive access – Receive a free ticket to Workhuman Live 2023 as a Workhuman Certified Enterprise; AND all Workhuman Live attendees will leave as Workhuman Certified Professionals
  • Ongoing guidance – Learn from and work with Workhuman’s leadership team, influencer community, strategic advisors, and consultants

Workhuman Certified recognizes promise and progress, not perfection, across these 8 areas:

Opportunities for growth
  • Employees at all levels have opportunities to learn and develop, with feedback and guidance that helps map their future inside (or outside) the organization.
Fair pay
  • Employees have confidence that decisions affecting pay are unbiased and fair.
  • Employees feel a sense of inclusion and safety when it comes to learning, contributing, and challenging the status quo. They have control over their personal information and feel secure that their data is protected.
Environmental and social stewardship
  • Employees feel pride in how the organization cares for society and the environment.
Purpose-driven work
  • Employees understand their impact and feel a direct connection between their jobs and company values.
  • A percentage of payroll (e.g., 1%) is allocated to employee appreciation to ensure all employees regularly experience meaningful recognition moments.
Work-life harmony
  • The full humanity of every employee is acknowledged and celebrated.
A culture of belonging
  • Employees are valued as their authentic selves at work, with mental health/wellbeing and flexibility initiatives prioritized.

To assist you with the process, download the full application guide.

Choose Your Path to Making Work More Human

Workhuman Certified celebrates, educates, and elevates. And: it’s free. All you need is a commitment to progress. To nominate your company, click the Enterprise badge below. To become your own agent of change, explore the Professional path.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workhuman Certified Enterprise

Workhuman Certified Professional

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Tips to help you select evidence that reflects the criteria our evaluation team is looking for:
  • External Validation–Industry awards and certifications that acknowledge your progress in topics related to the traits
  • Action–Specific initiatives that demonstrate your efforts to turn commitment into action in relation to the traits
  • Innovation–New or unique approaches you’re taking to address long-standing or complex workplace challenges
  • Outcomes–Data points showing results and positive trends associated with the traits of a Workhuman Enterprise
  • Employee Voice–Qualitative or quantitative impact of your human-centric actions from employees’ point of view
  • Stated Commitment–Documented, visible commitment to the traits of a Workhuman Enterprise

Think of your application as a pitch that showcases your company’s progress in becoming a human-centered workplace. Tell a compelling story of that progress by summarizing your commitment and action in the eight (8) tenets of a human workplace. Support your summary by sharing specific examples of your organization’s programs and practices as evidence of your progress.

Download the full application guide