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Commit to a More Human Workplace

Employees are demanding humanity in the workplace. Change in your organization can start with one person – and it can be you. Become a Workhuman Certified Professional and show the world you’re reshaping the future of work.

Become Workhuman Certified today.

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Become a Workhuman Certified Professional.

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Be Human to the fullest

Why Get Workhuman Certified?

Workhuman Certified Professional is a self-paced, exploratory program that reinforces the power of humanity in the workplace to energize cultures, unlock human potential, and unite diverse workforces around a shared purpose.

Whether you are a business leader, human resources professional, or individual contributor, Workhuman Certified Professional is for anyone interested in learning more about human-centric workplace practices.

Nine content tracks provide a roadmap for creating a more human workplace. Building upon your existing knowledge and organizational practices, You will learn:

  • How the Workhuman Certified tenets come to life in a people-first workplace culture
  • Strategies to help drive change and more human connection in the workplace
  • Tips to create an effective business proposal and gain buy-in to move initiatives forward to create a more human workplace within your organization

Workhuman Certified recognizes promise and progress, not perfection, across these 8 areas:

Opportunities for growth
  • Employees at all levels have opportunities to learn and develop, with feedback and guidance that helps map their future inside (or outside) the organization.
Fair pay
  • Employees have confidence that decisions affecting pay are unbiased and fair.
  • Employees feel a sense of inclusion and safety when it comes to learning, contributing, and challenging the status quo. They have control over their personal information and feel secure that their data is protected.
Environmental and social stewardship
  • Employees feel pride in how the organization cares for society and the environment.
Purpose-driven work
  • Employees understand their impact and feel a direct connection between their jobs and company values.
  • A percentage of payroll (e.g., 1%) is allocated to employee appreciation to ensure all employees regularly experience meaningful recognition moments.
Work-life harmony
  • The full humanity of every employee is acknowledged and celebrated.
A culture of belonging
  • Employees are valued as their authentic selves at work, with mental health/wellbeing and flexibility initiatives prioritized.

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Workhuman Certified Professional