What Is Workhuman Certified?

November 3, 2020 Sarah Bloznalis

The world is holding leaders accountable unlike ever before, and employees expect new standards at work. Now, it’s up to HR and business leaders to make it happen. 

In this Workhuman® episode of “Have a Minute?”, Dr. Patti Fletcher, VP of brand marketing, speaks to Derek Irvine, senior VP of strategy and consulting, about the new Workhuman Charter of Workplace Rights and how your organization can become a Workhuman® Certified Enterprise.

The Workhuman Charter of Workplace Rights acknowledges that each of us has the right to a workplace where we’re respected, seen, appreciated, and heard. The Charter of Workplace Rights includes:

·      The right to do meaningful work 

·      The right to be appreciated

·      The right to work-life harmony

·      The right to belong

·      The right to grow 

·      The right to be paid fairly 

·      The right to privacy 

·      The right to feel safe and respected

·      The right to work in a place that strives to protect the environment

Using these fundamental rights, Derek explains, “we’re setting up Charters for all of the humans who work in various enterprises. And with the Charter, we aim to celebrate those who are supporting and encouraging progress surrounding these rights.”

Workhuman Certified offers a way for both individuals and enterprises to be acknowledged for delivering on these rights. Derek believes, “Workhuman Certified is an opportunity to show your support for the rights, and that you want to engage in progress.” 

This transformation may sound daunting, but “We will make progress together, as a community,” says Derek says. “No one has the right answer for this on their own.” Together, Derek concludes, “we can make a significant step toward creating a more human workplace for us all, and therefore a better society in general.” 

(Each week, Dr. Patti Fletcher speaks with a Workhuman colleague on how to unlock the power of connection in the global talent economy.)