WorkHuman 2017

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WorkHuman: Still on My A-List for Conferences


WorkHuman 2017 is now a memory. I’ve traveled home from Phoenix and had a few days to digest the benefits of this conference. I’m happy to report all of the observations from my first WorkHuman still apply. Now in its third year, the WorkHuman conference continues to help HR and business leaders can bring humanity back to the workplace.

Want a two-minute tour of the conference? Check out this wrap video:

The second time around, the event was less of a blur for me, and my recap thoughts flowed pretty easily. Here goes:

The number of Humans in attendance grows. It’s an annual tradition that the Derek Irvine, emcee of WorkHuman, opens with “Good morning, Humans!” And we in the audience respond, “Good morning, Humans!” Conference organizer Globoforce has seen its conference take flight. In 2015, there were 300 attendees; in 2016 there were 700. This year, the numbers swelled to 1,700. So far, the growing size of the group hasn’t impacted the ability to interact on a more “human” level. It will be interesting to see how continued growth in attendance affects the overall experience.

Nice variety of job functions represented. The event continues to attract both the HR community and business leaders. This year, I was impressed with the number of business leaders (with non-HR titles) that chose to attend. For example, I met a college admissions advisor, a film production operations manager and a tech company supervisor. Many of the business leaders I chatted with mentioned that WorkHuman allows them the opportunity to think about work in a unique way—and to do so outside the constraints of their functional area of expertise.

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