WorkHuman 2017

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Career Experience Management: Developing the Potential of Your Human Workforce

Guest post by WorkHuman speaker Sophie Wade on the Globoforce blog.

Traditional, linear careers are over. Comprehensive career design overhaul is an opportunity to take a new approach to developing employees’ careers to:

  • Adapt the fixed structure for new marketplace demands.
  • Use the contributions of employees themselves.
  • Effectively support new workplace policies and practices.
  • Recognize the role of independent contractors as part of the corporate workforce.

The result is a more fluid, responsive, and human organization.

The linear corporate ladder was a simple, yet ill-fitting structure for many. Now, employees are trying to understand and navigate an often uncharted corporate maze. Personalized, latticed careers – which have lateral, diagonal, as well as vertical options for progression – are filling the vacuum slowly, but require concerted attention to formulate.

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